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-Best Airsoft BBs Reviews-

When looking for the best airsoft BBs on the market you inevitably stumble upon countless products and brands all offering very similar BBs at competitive prices. But which one should you choose? Find out by reading my article.

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Best Sniper Rifle Airsoft BBs
Best Cheap Airsoft BBs

Since airsoft plastic pellets are much cheaper than paintballs, the decision should not be so tough. Although the variety of products is often times intimidating for many people. This is why I created this article. To help undecided people make an informed decision.

Biodegradable vs Nonbiodegradable Airsoft Plastic Pellets/BBs

Most of the times when the competition takes place in an open environment I almost exclusively recommend bio airsoft BBs. This is because in most cases no one will lose the time to pick up each airsoft pellet from the ground. In closed spaces, some nonbiodegradable BBs might prove more economical since you can easily pick them up with something similar to a vacuum cleaner and reuse them.

Dimensions and weight

The most popular weights are 12, 20 and 25 grams at 6mm because most airsoft pistols, guns, and rifles are compatible with these dimensions. This is why I made special sections for each category. Use the quick nav tab from above to jump directly where you need.

Without further ado, let’s see which are, in my opinion, the best airsoft bbs of the year.

Best 6mm Airsoft BBs

All BBs below are 6mm. This is the standard size for most airsoft guns. While you may find some guns using another standard, in this article I will try my best to cover only the 6mm BBs since I would say 80-90% guns use this standard.

Best 12g Airsoft BBs

Crosman Elite Double Polished 0.12g 6mm Airsoft BBs

At a reasonable price, you get 10K airsoft BBs which is more than enough for most people. Of course, depending on how much you like to practice the sport the BBs can be enough for a couple of days or over a week. Crosman is already famous in the airsoft market for delivering some of the best accessories and products. Now these BBs are following the same ideology of quality that Crosman imposed in the last years.


  • 10000 pellets
  • Weight of 0.12 grams
  • Dimensions of 6mm
  • Seamless
  • Double Polished
  • Great value for the money
  • Camo color

Overall I recommend these BBs in every aspect. They are well manufactured at a high-quality standard for the price, making them one of the best buys of the airsoft BBs market.

Best 20g Airsoft BBs/Best BBs for AEG

MetalTac 0.20g 6mm Airsoft BBs

These are some of the best BBs in terms of accuracy and range thus making them very good for AEG, snipers and high quality guns and pistols. I cannot say precisely but I think these deliver some of the best results in terms of accuracy from this article.


  • 10000 pellets
  • 0.20 grams weight
  • 6mm dimensions
  • Good accuracy and range
  • Affordable and good quality

I always recommend 0.20 grams pellets for those who want increased accuracy and range. The 0.12 g ones are physically incapable of delivering these results so professionals might always seek heavier weights. Anyways, these are definitely some of the best airsoft bbs on the market.

Best 25g Airsoft BBs

Umarex Elite Force Airsoft BBs

If you want something that truly reaches big distances these are the BBs you are looking for.


  • Nonbiodegradable
  • Seamless and great quality
  • A little too expensive
  • Heavyweight

Probably not the best purchase you can make in terms of value for the money, these are good BBs for those who want heavyweight pellets for high FPS guns. Since they are so heavy you can use them with guns having 400+ FPS and not worry about them breaking.

Best Biodegradable BBs/Pellets

Crosman Biodegradable 6mm 0.20 g Airsoft BBs

If you care about the environment then the rational choice will obviously be biodegradable pellets. These BBs from Crossman are some of the best I could find in this category. While not that cheap for the quantity, at least the quality is better than a lot of other products and you are also protecting the environment


  • 2000 pellets
  • 0.20 grams weight
  • 6mm dimensions
  • Biodegradable
  • Good quality compared to competition in the biodegradable market
  • Good bottle for direct pouring of BBs

Don’t expect that these BBs will disappear in a couple of hours. The biodegradable process can take quite a lot of time. The idea is that they eventually merge with the environment as opposed to the nonbiodegradable counterparts.

Elite Force Airsoft BBs

Yet another biodegradable pack of BBs, these Elite Force pellets are coming in different sizes and weights, and are pretty expensive if you ask me. However, they compensate with quality and the fact that they are environment-friendly. Made by a quality inclined company, these Elite Force Airsoft BBs deliver great results on the field.


  • Multiple sizes and weights
  • Biodegradable
  • Seamless and great quality
  • Working with a good variety of guns
  • Very accurate and reaching far ranges

This is pretty much it. Choose the desired size and go have an environment-friendly airsoft match with your friends.

Best Airsoft BBs brand

Crosman 0.12 g 6mm Red Airsoft BBs/Pellets

The best brand award goes to Crosman, which manufactures some of the best BBs on the market. And they do not manufacture only BBs but also plenty other accessories for airsoft. So it goes without saying that these BBs are also some of the best in their category.

The quality is obvious right when you open the package. The pellets are seamless and they have are very accurate depending on your gun.


  • Nonbiodegradable
  • Seamless
  • 0.12 grams weight
  • 6mm dimensions
  • Premium quality
  • 5000 pellets
  • Great price for the quantity and quality

Since these are only weighing 0.12 grams I wouldn’t recommend them for high-quality replicas or guns with a high FPS. I would use them with any gun/pistol under $100. If you want something of even better quality you can check out the heavier 0.20 grams or 0.25 grams that I reviewed above.

Overall for the price I definitely recommend them and Crosman as a brand for BBs pellets.

Best Airsoft BBs for sniper rifle

Crosman 0.20 g 6mm Airsoft BBs

I like these BBs especially because they are delivering the expected quality for as little as possible. The weight of 0.20 grams is great for higher quality guns and pistols like Beretta and M&P replicas or snipers. Although for snipers I would recommend 0.25 grams for best results.


  • 0.20 grams weight
  • 6 mm dimensions
  • 5000 pellets
  • Nonbiodegradable
  • One of the best qualities in this price range
  • Very appreciated by the airsoft community

If you dislike running out of BBs in the field but also dislike running out of money then these BBs are one of the best choices you can make now. They are high-quality, they are affordable, and they are made by a reputable company. Definitely recommend them to professionals as well.

Best cheap BBs

BBTac 0.12 g 6mm Airsoft BBs

In a nutshell, if you want to get straight to the point, at this price you can’t beat it. These are hands down some of the cheapest airsoft BBs you can find at this quality. They might not be perfect but for the price, the results are surprising, to say the least.


  • 6mm dimensions
  • 0.12 grams weight
  • Good variety of colors
  • Great for many types of different airsoft guns and pistols
  • Cheap plastic
  • Very good price
  • Not all BBs are seamless
  • 1000 pellets

If you are looking for professional high-end BBs for a tournament or military training these might not be the best choice. However, if you want something cheap, effective and hassle free then these pellets are a great choice. In the end even if you are not happy with the quality you won’t loose a lot of money.