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An airsoft helmet needs to strike a solid balance between durability and flexibility. While good protection for the head is important, moving around with ease should definitely not be underestimated. We recommend going for a quality tactical helmet that’s specifically designed to cater to the needs of airsoft players. Airsoft masks can be great when it comes to offering face protection, but if you want that extra peace of mind, the safer option is to invest in a reliable airsoft helmet.

The market for these products can be quite confusing as shapes and materials used aren’t always the same. Some helmets are more versatile offering additional features to be used for other purposes like hiking or cycling. Others focus on durability to deliver the shock-absorbing performance required for intense airsoft games. To combine head and face protection, some models also come with goggles that can be attached or released as you prefer.

In any case, we’ve analyzed the market and created the following roundup of the best helmets for airsoft. These helmets should satisfy your needs whether we’re talking about durability, comfort, or versatility. Budget considerations have also been taken into account. Airsoft players everywhere should check out our recommendations. You might also be interested in our articles about the best tactical caps and hats and the best tactical gloves.

1. ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Helmet

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One of the best options for those who need a highly functional tactical helmet for airsoft comes from Atairsoft. Their PJ Type model can help you stay protected and play Airsoft with confidence. This is a lightweight helmet built to resist any BB pellet impact. It also keeps your eyes safe thanks to the integrated goggles.

On the side of this helmet, you will find a tactical rail where you can add some useful attachments. There’s also an NVG mount in the front of the helmet which enables the user to customize the helmet even further by adding compatible devices. The helmet comes with Velcro padding on the top where you can place various patches for a unique look. In terms of comfort, this Airsoft helmet doesn’t disappoint as it comes with adequate padding inside.

There are also back and chin straps to find the best fit for your head. Once you make a few adjustments you can enjoy some quality protection during your Airsoft games. Considering the features-per-cost ratio, it’s safe to say that Atairsoft did a solid job with the PJ Type tactical helmet. Excellent helmet for adults and teenagers alike.

2. OneTigris MICH 2000

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Stylish and versatile, the OneTigris MICH 2000 represents a top choice for an Airsoft helmet. This model stands out due to its tactical design and comfortable padding inside. It’s a great piece of gear for intense matches where you need adequate head protection. The helmet can be purchased in three different colors including green and sandy.

The material used is a standard type of ABS reinforced for maximum durability. Airsoft players can definitely feel safer when equipping this helmet. When it comes to tactical abilities there are a few added goodies. The side rails represent ideal spots for attachments like battery packs and flashlights. Plenty of Velcro padding has been added around the top of the helmet to enhance the customization potential.

When it comes to overall looks, this helmet can match well a tactical outfit. The comfort is greatly boosted by the presence of super soft pads which are a blessing during extended sessions. Taking into account the cost, the OneTigris MICH 2000 offers all the protection that an Airsoft player needs. It looks great without compromising on comfort and tactical features so that’s why it’s recommended.

3. Lancer Tactical Medium Airsoft Helmet

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Those who like the idea of getting a very customizable helmet should take a close look at the Lancer Tactical Medium. This model is crafted specifically to cater to the needs of Airsoft players. You can expect lots of tactical features and reliable durability, as well as attractive looks in multiple colors and camo designs.

This helmet is built to keep you safe on the battlefield. That’s the primary reason why you’d be interested to invest in an Airsoft helmet and this model won’t disappoint. It’s crafted using a hard shell construction which protects against any kind of impact including those from BB projectiles. As opposed to other models that can take some time to equip, this helmet offers a Quick Release system enabling users to maneuver it with ease.

Thanks to soft padding, this helmet can be safely worn for longer periods of time without discomfort. The fact that its construction makes use of lightweight materials means you can also move around more comfortably. Compared to similar helmets, this unit also provides a more functional set of tactical abilities such as convenient Velcro padding, NVG and side rails mounts. Comfortable and durable, the Lancer Tactical Medium is a step above most of the competition and is worth the extra investment.

4. Jadedragon PJ Tactical Helmet

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If you’re in the market for a more performant Airsoft helmet, the Jadedragon PJ could be a fitting solution. This model comes together with useful accessories to complete your tactical outfit. Aside from a durable helmet, you will also get a foldable mask and a tactical goggle.

The helmet is the main piece in this set. It’s built with a nice balance of strength and low weight. There are two side rails installed for adding some handy equipment. You also have a front NVG mount which can help to attach night vision devices. The overall head protection is enhanced by the presence of the mask which shields your face from impacts. The 1000D nylon forms a sturdy pairing together with the metal mesh. The mask allows for easy breathability and it goes around your head up to the ears to protect them as well.

Thanks to the presence of an adjustable elastic strap you can also make it fit more comfortably on your face. The polycarbonate lens can provide some basic protection for the eyes. Overall, the Jadedragon PJ tactical helmet set can be considered a valuable option for any Airsoft player. It’s more cost-effective to get a complete protection package like this compared to buying the items separately.

5. LOOGU Fast BJ Military Helmet

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Anyone who’s searching to complete their Airsoft outfit with a great helmet should take a look at this military-style model from LOOGU. This is a hard polymer tactical helmet which arrives together with a matching mask made of a soft material that doesn’t start to itch even if it’s worn for a long period of time.

Weighing just 1.23lbs, this helmet seems like an ideal choice for Airsoft gaming. It allows the user to move freely without sacrificing protection capabilities. The tough ABS used in the construction of this helmet should handle most impacts on the battlefield. There are some strategically-placed holes for ventilation and padding inside to boost the overall comfort. It’s worth mentioning that you also have quite a few adjustability options such as the fixed knob on the back.

Airsoft fans will probably appreciate the wide color variation available for this model. You can get the helmet in multiple tactical camo patterns and colors. The tactical features found in this helmet are the standard Velcro, side rails, and NBG mount. Perfect for Airsoft as well as other outdoor activities, the Fast BJ tactical helmet from LOOGU can be easily considered a bargain at this cost.


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In case you prefer a more minimalistic design, the AIRSOFTPEAK M88 PASGT is one tactical helmet for Airsoft that you shouldn’t miss. This SWAT-style helmet offers a robust construction and a clear visor that protects the face. If you don’t need the visor you can take it off and there’s also the option to adjust it by tightening the screws.

One of the best features of this unit is the focus on comfort features. The durable material is also lightweight enough to ensure the wearer won’t feel any discomfort during extended use. To make it fit better on your head, the manufacturer added inner suspension webbing and a reliable strap. The ideal head circumference of the user should be around 22-25 inches to guarantee an optimal level of comfort.

Airsoft players will probably appreciate the customization possibilities of creating decorative patterns. This helmet lacks the usual tactical helmets, but if you’re into military-themed Airsoft combat you will most likely prefer the simpler design. Versatile and reliable, the AIRSOFTPEAK M88 PASGT could be a solid option for an Airsoft helmet. It may not be suitable for everyone’s needs, but it’s definitely a dependable piece of protective gear.

7. Valken Airsoft ATH Helmet

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With a stylish lightweight ridged design, the Valken Airsoft ATH is one interesting option for those who prefer helmets with some tactical abilities. Some of the highlights of this unit are the NVG mount, removable padding, and Velcro panels. The practical design should suit any Airsoft match.

While looking good is important for many Airsoft players, the primary reason for purchasing this type of helmet is probably that of adequate impact protection. As with many similar helmets built for Airsoft, this one makes use of lightweight materials to facilitate movement while maintaining a realistic appearance. Some may be turned off by the cheap feel of the plastic, but once you notice its durability, you will probably start to appreciate it.

Mounted accessories can be installed without too much hassle. Airsoft players who play more competitive matches can definitely gain an advantage by relying on tactical equipment such as illuminators and IFF markers. You can add some hearing enhancement devices or extra protection in the area around the ear. This is a solid overall Airsoft helmet built with flexibility and durability in mind. The Valken Airsoft ATH is a fairly basic tactical helmet that you can get at a reasonable cost.