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Pistols shouldn’t be underestimated by any serious airsoft player. Your main rifle can usually do a solid job, but there are always those situations when it’s critical to go for the extra shot from a pistol. Fumbling around for the pistol when you need to react quickly can be very frustrating. That’s why you need an airsoft holster where you can add your pistol for quick and efficient access.

Shopping for an airsoft holster shouldn’t be very difficult considering how it’s a relatively simple accessory. Despite this initial impression, you might realize that the market can become overwhelming with its different types of holsters. To get to the bottom of this problem, it’s important to understand some basic characteristics regarding airsoft holsters. This accessory should be capable of truly securing your weapon and this becomes particularly important when you have to run through large areas.

While keeping the gun firmly in the holster can be considered ideal, there has to be a balance when it comes to being able to easily retrieve it. Losing an extra second with getting the weapon out can cost you during intense fights. Some people might prefer having the holster located in a specific place on their body. You need to figure out which type of body holster works best for you. We’ve collected the best holsters that can give you an edge in airsoft matches so you can choose only from products that are worth the money. You might also be interested in our articles about the best airsoft speed loaders and the best airsoft pistols and handguns.

1. Galco Gunleather Ankle Holster

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A premium holster solution for those who wish to make a serious investment is the Galco Gunleather. This is an ankle holster which can help you retrieve your Airsoft gun quickly and efficiently. It’s very comfortable to wear compared to cheaper models and the construction doesn’t give off a bulky feeling which can facilitate the user’s movement.

When it comes to weapon compatibility, this model should fit various pistols without difficulty. It suits best real weapons such as Glock 26 and 33, but it shouldn’t pose issues with Airsoft guns. The construction of this model seems in a different class compared to the usual holster you can find. The saddle leather paired with the neoprene band makes for a comfortable and durable impression. You can buy this holster in either right-hand or left-hand orientation.

Considering the premium construction and the comfortable design, the final conclusion is clear. The Galco Gunleather is one of the best ankle holsters for Airsoft that money can buy. If you want to make a great investment, this unit is definitely worth taking into account.

2. UTG Special Ops Leg Holster

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One basic and effective leg holster to consider comes from UTG. Their Special Ops model is designed with flexibility and reliability in mind. It should be fully compatible with most medium to large pistols. An aspect that will surely be appreciated is the non-slip padding which accomplishes two purposes as it ensures retention and comfort.

The leg strap comes with non-slip properties too for remaining stable in place during intense matches. Full weapon control is achieved with the help of a double Snap-On security mechanism. Thanks to an innovative closure feature, the holster can accommodate different gun frame sizes. Another useful element is the adjustable belt hanger which, if needed, can be easily removed. The lock-down Velcro strap promises a robust hold while allowing for fast release.

When it comes to the construction, this holster seems to boast a quality workmanship. The materials are durable yet flexible enough to fit various needs. Some people could argue that there’s too much Velcro in some places, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, the UTG Special Ops represents a valuable option for the money.

3. Vivoi Drop Leg Gun Holster

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For those who prefer a drop leg holster shouldn’t overlook this capable model from Vivoi. It features an adjustable belt to accommodate different users without problems. Another great feature is the tough PVC material which ensures some durability and an authentic tactical look for Airsoft. Your pistol magazines will also remain secured thanks to the addition of hook and loop flaps.

The front of the holster offers a magazine pouch so you can carry more than just the gun itself. It’s adjustable for the height of your leg and the release buckle works very effectively when it’s time to retrieve the items. It may not be particularly fancy, but the functionality of this holster shouldn’t be underestimated. It can be adjusted in multiple ways to find an ideal level of comfort. The holster feels a bit stiff initially, but in time it should become easier to move around with it.

Even bulkier weapons can fit without many difficulties so you could probably make good use of this holster if you have more Airsoft guns. When you factor in the sturdy belt, reliable Velcro adjustments, and the overall realistic looks, it’s safe to conclude that the Vivoi drop leg gun holster is worth the money.

4. UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster

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UTG has a lot of great holsters in store and their horizontal shoulder model can be considered one of the best Airsoft accessories if you prefer this holster style. This one is fairly modular so you can customize and adjust it more to your liking. The harness comes with soft padding and the double magazine pouches are quite flexible.

If you’re worried about how it fits, the belt and shoulder straps on this holster should enable you to reach the desired level of comfort. One of the main reasons why this model works great for Airsoft is that it comes equipped with two magazine pouches. When it comes to securing the weapon, the holster provides the option to use either one or two securing snaps. In any case, the holster seems to be focused on releasing the gun with ease.

Despite being so affordable, this airsoft holster doesn’t compromise on quality features. It’s easy to use in multiple Airsoft situations particularly when considering how you barely notice carrying two extra mags. Very comfortable and highly compatible with multiple guns, the UTG Deluxe is a winner on the market for horizontal shoulder Airsoft holsters.

5. UTG Deluxe Commando Belt Holster

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If you only need a basic belt holster, the UTG Deluxe Commando should fit you perfectly. It doesn’t come with lots of features as it’s designed to simply accomplishes its gun holding purpose. There’s a quick-release buckle to retrieve your Airsoft weapon and the total weight of just 0.3 pounds makes this a sleek and lightweight solution.

This belt holster is made of polyester which is a good compromise between durability and cost. There’s nothing that makes this model stand out in terms of design, but that’s probably intended to create a stealthy look. The majority of medium-sized pistols should easily pair nicely with this holster. Airsoft players will probably appreciate the quick-release buckle that offers instant access to the gun to turn the tables in any match.

The Velcro strap should keep your gun steady and ready for drawing. A nice little detail is the addition of a pocket for carrying an extra clip. There’s nothing to complain regarding this Airsoft holster. It’s simple and efficient, designed to work reliably for its intended purpose. That’s why the UTG Deluxe Commando is a recommended belt holster.

6. AIRSOFTPEAK Tactical Leg Holster

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A more sophisticated tactical leg holster comes from Airsoftpeak. This model comes with both left-hand and right-hand versions to suit different needs. Some of its standout features are the universal gun compatibility, quick-disconnect buckles, and reliable retention system. This could be an essential accessory to have in any Airsoft match.

This is a thigh holster which comes with a useful attachment for connecting to the waist belt. Thanks to its wrap-around design, this holster will maintain your weapon in a very secure position whether we’re talking about smaller or larger pistols. In terms of flexibility, this tactical holster promises convenient mounting and dismounting with the help of its quick-disconnect buckles. The adjustable straps enable a snug fit regardless of the size of your leg or the particular placement you prefer.

Thanks to its 600D nylon construction, this holster feels quite dependable to the touch. The stitching is solid and the leg straps have a non-slip design to keep movement to a minimum. On the side of this holster, you will be greeted by a little compartment for storing a spare magazine or another useful tool. All in all, the Airsoftpeak tactical leg holster can satisfy the needs of many Airsoft players.

7. Crosman Airsoft Pistol Holster

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Basic yet effective, the Crosman Airsoft pistol holster represents a cost-effective solution for the problem of accessing and storing your pistol quickly on the battlefield. This model is designed to mix a rugged exterior with a soft interior to keep your gun safe and ready. There’s a Velcro belt strap which you can adjust to your preferences.

To keep an extra clip close with your pistol you can rely on the Velcro accessory pouch. Pistols are kept firmly in place with the help of a powerful quick-release buckle. The lack of a belt clip can be considered a drawback, but the important part is how the holster simplifies the retrieval process of your gun. Some people might experience issues when doing quick draws, but with a bit of practice, you can get over any clumsy issues such as getting the clip caught in your hand.

A fun all-around holster to use for your tactical Airsoft games, this Crosman model finds a good balance between material choices, looks, and adjustability. Paired with a good belt you will be able to create a powerful housing for any Airsoft pistol. Considering the cost, this holster can easily meet your expectations.

8. Taigear Belt Loop Airsoft Pistol Holster

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The Taigear belt loop pistol holster has been specifically designed to meet the demands of Airsoft users. It could help you when it’s time to easily retrieve your gun in the heat of the battle. One of its best features is probably the affordability as this holster can be an ideal choice for people on a tight budget.

Made out of a quality polyester with a PVC coating, this Airsoft holster enables you to store your gun with confidence. There’s some extra space available to keep a couple of magazines and a flashlight. As long as your pistol doesn’t go over 7” in length, you should have no fitting issues. Most full-size weapons, whether for Airsoft or real ones, will play nicely with this holster.

The quality of this versatile holster is certainly impressive given its low cost. There is some room for improvement, but at this price, you can hardly complain. For those searching the market to buy a comfortable and generously-sized holster, this budget model from Taigear could be an optimal solution. It’s nice to know that it’s available in a varied selection of colors and camo patterns.