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Easily the weapon of choice for many airsoft players, the M4 rifle represents a great solution to add some excitement to your intense airsoft battles. The M4 has been specifically designed for the military and it stands out due to its lightweight carbine design compared to conventional rifles. This is the standard rifle used by the US Army and its popularity extends to the airsoft world.

If you’ve decided to make an investment into an airsoft M4 gun, there are some aspects which can help you get the most out of your purchase. A key feature to be aware of when buying this type of gun is the durability. Veteran airsoft players are surely aware of how rough this sport can be sometimes, so it’s best to invest in an M4 rifle that’s built to last. The exterior needs to be as strong and authentic-looking as possible, but don’t forget about the internal parts.

The gun needs to be able to support a high rate of fire so that’s why you should look for a quality gearbox. Those made of metal are harder to break compared to plastic units. Other aspects such as power and ergonomics also play a role. We’ve collected the best M4 weapons to use in airsoft matches on the basis of their overall features for the cost. Take a look at the results of our research. You might also be interested in our articles about the best airsoft ak47 and the best airsoft sniper rifles.

1. Colt M4 CQB

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One impressive model on the market for airsoft M4 rifles comes from Colt. Their CQB automatic gun has a lot to offer for airsoft players who want to take the next step to a more professional level. This is an officially licensed M4 which cuts no corners on build quality as it’s crafted using only sturdy metal components.

When you’re checking out the external construction you will be pleased by the rock-solid components used. One feature that immediately stands out is the RIS system crafted for adding all your favorite tactical accessories such as lasers, launchers, grips, and more. Regardless of the situation, this airsoft M4 allows you to be prepared. The internal parts are also built with durability in mind considering the metal gearbox which can be upgraded and maintained with ease.

If you don’t like the rear iron sight you can take it off or try to adjust it for a more accurate firing. The package for this M4 rifle contains everything needed to get ready for your next airsoft match. Aside from the battery and charger, there’s also a sight-cleaning tool and two high-capacity magazines. Overall, the Colt M4 CQB represents a premium option if you want an airsoft rifle built with high-quality materials.

2. Lancer Tactical LT-19

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Lancer Tactical is a very appreciated manufacturer of various airsoft gear including weapons such as M4 rifles. The LT-19 is one of the best models to use in competitive airsoft matches. It’s affordable and durable enough considering its reinforced metal barrel and reliable polymer body. Other relevant features are the rail interface system and the included premium BB rounds.

This electric rifle features a strong polymer receiver which feels dependable to the touch. The inner barrel has a nice 6.03mm precision with an adjustable hop-up and the outer barrel makes a lasting impression with its full metal design. It’s worth mentioning that the rotary type inner barrel can help a lot with the accuracy. To give you an idea about the performance, this M4 is capable of firing .20g BBs at around 370 to 400 FPS.

The magazine capacity of 300 rounds is adequate for most purposes. You will get a magazine in the package aside from the usual accessories such as the battery and charger. Lancer Tactical also provides Keymod rail panel sections. All in all, the LT-19 is a cost-effective airsoft gun which strikes a great balance between durability and portability.

3. Lancer Tactical LT-12

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Another interesting model from Lancer Tactical is the LT-12 which offers an advanced free float rail system and a flip-up sight. Thanks to its polymer body you can run around the battlefield more easily. The gearbox comes with a robust metal construction and the cost seems very attractive for the overall value.

The inner barrel has a standard size and promises a decent level of accuracy. The 10-inch rail system can be very helpful for those who plan on adding tactical accessories. One aspect that seems to have received a lot of attention is the spring guide system which is quick to change. There’s a fire mode selector to toggle between different modes such as full-auto and semi-auto.

Optic attachments can be added via flip-up sights. This rifle seems tough, but it’s also quite comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomic grip that should fit various hand sizes. Inside the package for this airsoft M4, you will discover a magazine with a bag of BB rounds and some essential accessories such as the battery and charger. In conclusion, Lancer Tactical did a solid job with the LT-12 model. This airsoft rifle is a powerful all-around weapon for the cost.


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The Soft Air CQBR-RIS from Colt is one electric airsoft M4 that can help you become more proficient at your airsoft game. This unit comes with a high cap mag and performant rails. As opposed to its competitors, this gun provides a more tactical look considering the blending of black tones with the desert tan shade.

Thanks to its lightweight polymer construction you will be able to move around without feeling like the weapon drags you down. The internal components (including the gearbox) are made of metal to ensure a long life for the rifle. This M4 is compatible with various accessories as it’s fitted with a RIS system. The battery stays in its dedicated tan crane stock housing.

If you like the idea of installing an aftermarket scope or red dot, you will be pleased to find out that you can remove the rear sight without too much difficulty. The 370 FPS performance achieved with 0.20g BB pellets makes this a competitive airsoft weapon. The Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS is ideal for close-quarters combat and those who like the run-and-gun playstyle. You can definitely rely on it for any airsoft game.

5. Lancer Tactical LT-06T M4A1

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Elegantly designed with a dark earth color, the Lancer Tactical LT-06T M4A1 is one electric airsoft M4 that you shouldn’t miss. It offers a lot for the money, including a realistic build, scope rail, and decent magazine capacity. Both the external and internal material quality is impressive at this price point.

In terms of accuracy, this model delivers excellent results thanks to the built-in hop-up unit. The gun permits the user to make all the necessary adjustments for both the front and rear sights. When using heavy BB rounds you can expect a shooting performance of 1000 rounds per minute. This model is also designed to handle 400 FPS. If you need more accuracy you can also take off the carry handle and install a reliable scope.

One aspect that makes this a top choice for an airsoft M4 is the internal construction. All the components whether we’re talking about the gearbox, bushings, or gear clip, they’re all built out of strong metal. Considering the realistic and durable craftsmanship which pairs nicely with the solid performance, the Lancer Tactical LT-06T M4A1 is a valuable gun for any airsoft player.

6. Lancer Tactical LT-04B M4

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The last Lancer Tactical M4 for airsoft that we’ll analyze is the LT-04B. This is the kind of weapon built for increased mobility given its efficient polymer body. Due to its Rail Interface System, you can count on it for accepting various accessories to enhance the tactical potential of any airsoft game.

Becoming fatigued on the battlefield can happen if you need to carry a lot of gear. Thankfully, this M4’s polymer body won’t affect your movement. You can add vertical grips, flashlights, and more items to it without making the gun feel too heavy. Internally, this M4 rifle features a metal gearbox, metal bushings, and a reliable gear clip. As long as you take good care of the plastic body, this gun seems to promise a long-lasting performance.

Other important features of this model are the adjustable rotary hop-up unit, sling mounts, and low resistance wiring. Taking into account all of its abilities, it’s safe to say that Lancer Tactical hardly made any compromises when designing this airsoft M4. The side panels can feel a little loose, but overall this gun is worth every cent.

7. Elite Force M4 CQC

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A somewhat underrated airsoft M4 that deserves some more attention, the Elite Force CQC offers a reliable metal gearbox, micro switch trigger, and a hop-up unit that can be easily adjusted. There’s no battery or charger included, but the gun offers one magazine to get you started. With .20 BB pellets, you can expect a decent FPS of up to 345.

This weapon comes from the Competition Series so it’s crafted to deliver the kind of reliable performance you’d expect from a more advanced M4 rifle. Battery swaps can be made in an effortless manner as the gun features a buttstock that’s been reinforced with a hinged plate. With the help of its quad rail, you should find it a breeze to mount your tactical accessories. For feeding BBs more efficiently, this weapon comes with a stronger sector gear.

If you’re the kind of airsoft player that prefers shorter rifles, you will definitely appreciate the design of this gun. The crane stock is adjustable and the stubby front end makes for a more compact weapon. Great airsoft M4 for the cost, the Elite Force M4 CQC feels very similar to a real rifle and fires very accurately, just as expected. When you also add the quality construction and attention to details, this gun easily becomes a great choice.