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Airsoft masks come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Many avid airsoft players choose original masks which represent their style and more importantly, protect them from high-speed airsoft BBs. Some may only prefer a quality pair of goggles and a tactical cap, while others want a mask to cover their entire face. I prefer both variants although I recommend the latter because often times you can get shot in the face from a small distance and it can ruin your entire game for the day. With a full face mask and thick clothing, you won’t have to worry about this aspect.

What are the aspects based on which I made this selection?

1. Quality

I am a big fan of quality products for a simple reason. They break less often thus saving you more money in the long run, as opposed to cheap, bad quality items. I think this is a valid reason to look only for quality airsoft masks in this process.

2. Value for the money

While everyone loves quality not everyone likes throwing money out of the window. I am aware that not anyone affords (and neither do I) fancy, expensive masks made of carbon fiber or whatever. So I made a reasonable compromise between quality and price thus only including the best airsoft masks in terms of value for the money.

3. Materials and everyday experience

I prefer a mask that is enjoyable to use in all circumstances. Masks with design problems or made of irritating materials did not make it to my list because I value the experience a lot. I like a good quality airsoft game where everyone is dedicated to giving their best in terms of team play and individual performance, not a game where everyone is adjusting their masks.

With these in mind let’s proceed to the items themselves which in my opinion are the best in their category.

Best Airsoft Mask for the Money

1. OutdoorMaster Airsoft Full Face Mask

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If you’re looking for a tough mask with a badass look chances are that you won’t need to look further than this. OutdoorMaster is a well-renowned brand that strives to make affordable and practical outdoor clothing and gear. This mask is certainly among their best airsoft products.

Beside its intimidating appearance, the mask’s build quality is way above average, strong enough to keep you protected in the most intense combat settings. Thanks to its vent holes in the mouth area it should provide sufficient breathability. Packed in one single sturdy piece rubber padded inside for maximum comfort and equipped with elastic straps for adaptability, this OutdoorMaster mask has all it takes to be what you’re looking for.

Considering the price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this. Just keep in mind that although it offers full face protection for airsoft and some other outdoor sports, it’s not intended for paintball.

Features list:

• Full Face Airsoft Mask

• Metal mesh for eye protection

• Cool imposing appearance

• 6 Elastic Straps for a secure fit and to ensure the best comfort

• Perforated mouth area assures breathability

• Intended as a protection mask for Airsoft/BB Gun/CS etc.

• Made of 100% synthetic resin

• Toxins and odor free

2. Andway Airsoft Full Face Mask

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Coming from Andway, this is an Airsoft mask that promises to offer full face protection at an accessible price. Of course, the design is also one of its greatest selling points. It looks fierce, almost scary actually so it’s perfect if you want to look stylish when playing airsoft.

The mask is very well made, the construction is sturdy and hard enough to deflect airsoft pellets without leaving any scratches. It comes with a metal mesh that acts as an eye shield and to prevent any fog up during the game. Andway made no compromises on durability that’s for sure.

The mask is also very breathable because of perforations around the mouth area and surprisingly lightweight considering the initial appearance. One thing you’ll probably notice after a long use is a slight discomfort because of the straps but the mask is cushioned inside with enough space for eyewear. I guess safety first is the rule of thumb here.

Still, Andway managed to deliver on its promises and with an impressive selection of badass looking designs, you’ll be sure to find one that suits you and enables you to stand out in the field. The price is also not very high considering these features and therefore this is quite an excellent deal.

Features list:

• Ideal for airsoft offering full face protection

• Adjustable elastic straps for a perfect fit

• Metal Mesh Eye Shield

• Breathable and durable

• Great looks

• 100% eco-friendly synthetic resin material

3. OUTGEEK Tactical Airsoft Mask Full Face

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The Outgeek Tactical Airsoft full face mask makes this list because of its impressive features and solid quality. It offers strong protection in any airsoft match while also being one of the most comfortable masks on the market.

As an avid airsoft fan, you’d probably wish to stand out from the crowd. What better way to set yourself apart from the group than wearing an awesome-looking tactical mask? Outgeek tried to create a unique post-apocalyptic design with this model and I’d say they’ve managed to do a pretty good job. You can choose from multiple variations of the mask including a snake camouflage model designed and authorized by a US designer.

The appearance of the mask is a nice aspect and all but can does it have what it takes to stand against a powerful airsoft shot? According to Outgeek, it should resist bbs over 700 FPS so no issues here. You’ll be safe using this product during any airsoft match. But you’ll most likely need to wear some protective glasses underneath if you intend to use it for paintball. Being comfy to wear is also one of the strongest points of this model. Even with glasses underneath, the mask fits nicely on your head and has a soft touch.

A slight drawback would be the size which is a bit on the bigger side but that shouldn’t be an issue for many. Overall this is a well-crafted mask with an imposing and stylish design that also looks good when cosplaying, it’s definitely one of the best masks out there.

Features list:

• Made of durable thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU)

• Design inspired by a post-apocalyptic world

• Texturized surface & ergonomic form

• Comfortable interior rubber padding

• Adjustable for the best fit

Best Affordable Airsoft Mask

4. Coxeer Tactical Airsoft Mask Overhead Skull Mask Outdoor Hunting Cs War Game Mask

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The next model on the list of best airsoft masks comes from Coxeer and it’s a very good choice for any airsoft enthusiast. The material on this mask is very thick for extra protection and it’s also very detailed to give a rugged, harsh look. This is noticeable especially on the black version of the mask. It looks very dark and dangerous, just what you need to dominate your opponents.

Besides the menacing look, this mask will not disappoint in terms of build quality. It comes in full size to fit an adult face with easily adjustable straps and black metal screens to hide your eyes. Breathability is assured through the holes near the mouth, created for optimal ventilation.

Coxeer made a very sturdy mask with high-quality materials well endowed to resist the toughest encounters in an airsoft match. I strongly recommend to just carefully look for yourself at the pictures and I’m sure you’ll be able to see if it fits your style.

Features list:

• Cool design

• Lightweight, great for extended wear

• Multiple straps for a tight fit

• Made of imported material, environment-friendly, poison and odor free

• Black metal screens for the eyes

• Rubber padding

• Excellent for airsoft

5. OneTigris Full Face Protection Game Mask Templar Knight

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One mask that really stands out from the others on this list is created by One Tigris and it’s quite easy to see why. The design is very impressive, reminiscent of medieval templar knights. This concept is very well done, the mask has a really unique feel to it. The details are truly spectacular, the higher price of this model is entirely justified, the mask resembles a piece of art.

This ancient helmet look is not just for show, though, it is specially created to withstand airsoft pellets efficiently. Using high strength glass fiber as material, it’s quite clear that One Tigris did not cut any corners in terms of build quality. There is also a patch made of metal mesh to prevent any particles from an external impact getting in.

Comfort-wise this mask is pretty ergonomically designed, providing cushion pads inside the mask in all the important places. One thing I particularly enjoy is that it also covers your ears well which is a nice detail.

I definitely recommend this mask for airsoft because of the sturdy construction but the real strength of this model lays in its flawless design which can also fit well in a cosplay costume. A great purchase overall.

Features list:

• High strength glass fiber composite materials

• Impact resistant mask

• Great for outdoor activities like airsoft

• Incredibly detailed knight templar design

• Patches made of metal mesh