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If you’re a serious airsoft player you need to strongly consider making an investment into a powerful scope for your gun. This handy accessory can certainly offer you an advantage in the game as it provides you unparalleled accuracy when aiming. Beginners, in particular, can benefit from scopes as they give them the extra boost in confidence to strike their targets more effectively.

There are different types of scopes built for airsoft games. You shouldn’t just pick up the first option that seems good enough. A bit of research can get you a long way if you wish to become better at your airsoft game. We’ll show you the key elements that need to be considered when hunting the market for this accessory. High-quality scopes need to be able to sight well and deliver consistent results.

If it’s too difficult to use, the scope may not be really worth it in the end. That’s why you need to pay attention to how the scope is mounted. Wasting time with setting up the scope can be very frustrating. Another important aspect is the weight. All scopes can impact the maneuverability of your gun, but some models can make it especially noticeable on a lightweight rifle. After going through multiple scopes, we’ve finally settled on the following products which offer the best accuracy and designs for their costs. You might also be interested in our articles about the best airsoft sniper rifles and the best range finders.


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The UTG SCP3-UM312AOIEW is a powerful airsoft scope which can deliver excellent results in airsoft matches. This is a tactical-style scope which comes equipped with a 30mm tube relying on the True Strength Platform. The multi emerald-coated lenses give off a premium quality feeling and they arrive complete with angled sunshade. Making precise adjustments is a breeze thanks to the solid lockable and resettable turrets.

The True Strength Platform is a special construction platform built for maximum reliability and precise responsiveness. One appreciated construction feature is the full sealing and 100% nitrogen filling which ensures that the scope stays protected from the frustrating issue of fog, rain, and shock damage. To maintain a proper zero, you can rely on the advanced mechanism for locking and resetting the turrets. The Mil-Dot reticle pairs nicely with the fine ¼ MOA click adjustments.

With the help of the side wheel adjustable turret, you can obtain a parallax-free view from 10 yards and more. This is a nice feature to consider for the price range. Another great ability of this scope is the patented Illumination Enhancing technology incorporated into the reticle system. Tough and performant, the UTG SCP3-UM312AOIEW can be easily considered the top choice for outfitting your airsoft weapon with a scope.

2. Pinty MIO0039

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If you need a reliable airsoft scope with green and red illuminations, take a look at the Pinty MIO0039. This rifle accessory offers magnifications from 3X to a maximum of 9X and promises a great field of view from 100 yards. The rangefinder reticle will help you with aiming even if your shot distances are very different.

The 40mm object lens has been fully sealed to prevent fog and water from affecting the visual performance of the scope. To improve your aiming precision you can rely on adjustable elevation and windage. Image aberration is taken care of by maximization from 3X to 9X and for optimal reticle clarity, you can cycle through 5 brightness levels. The mounting process for this airsoft scope shouldn’t pose too many problems as you only need to be careful when positioning the scope to guarantee the best visual comfort.

As long as you have a standard 20mm Picatinny rail you should be able to take advantage of this scope’s performance. Considering the user-friendliness, versatility, and overall construction, the Pinty MIO0039 represents a strong competitor on the market for airsoft scopes. Despite its affordable cost, this model doesn’t feel cheap and arrives with everything needed.

3. Simmons ProHunter Truplex 822010

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Built with quality optics and time-tested materials, the Simmons ProHunter Truplex 822010 is a premium handgun scope that can make a huge difference in your airsoft game. Aside from offering a stunning level of clarity, this scope is also beautifully designed to enhance the look of your overall weapon. This scope will definitely attract some attention considering its stylish silver construction which has also received enhancements to withstand the test of time.

You won’t have problems with visibility when it comes to this scope as it has been equipped with multi-coated optics and the glass delivers an exceptionally clear image. Something that can matter in the heat of an airsoft match is to ensure consistent aiming. This scope allows for effortless adjustments for the windage and elevation system which will then retain your settings tightly locked in zero.

As you’d probably expect given the quality construction, this scope won’t disappoint you when it gets foggy or rainy outside. It’s absolutely waterproof and immune to fogging. The scope will also guarantee 20-inches of eye relief due to its Quick Target Acquisition feature. Taking into account how firmly it holds zero, the glass quality, and the overall durable impression, the Simmons ProHunter Truplex 822010 represents a great choice for an airsoft scope.

4. Primary Arms 1-6×24 SFP Scope

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For fans of close-quarters combat, the 1-6×24 SFP scope from Primary Arms could be the best solution. It’s designed to offer you precise target acquisition through a quick ranging ACSS reticle. Illumination inside is delivered by a small battery and you have the option to adjust the brightness to your preferences according to outside conditions.

The outside construction of this scope benefits from the lightweight strength of 6063 aluminum. To enhance the overall look, the manufacturer went for a nice black anodized finish and to fight the problem of water and fog infiltration, the scope has been carefully sealed. The ACSS reticle represents the culmination of many designs in the industry to ensure maximum effectiveness and intuitive aiming as this type of reticle significantly increases the first hit ratio.

As its name suggests, this scope offers 1-6X magnification promising quick and effective target acquisition. This is mostly due to the ingenious design of the second focal plane. The eye relief is decent as well, and overall you can’t really complain about anything. Perhaps some people will find the scope a bit heavy, but that’s an important sign of sturdiness. All in all, the Primary Arms 1-6×24 SFP is recommended for the cost.

5. Simmons ProHunter Truplex 822009

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Whether you plan on adding a scope to a rifle or a handgun, the ProHunter Truplex 822009 made by Simmons could be an excellent choice. While it’s built to respect the quality standards of hunters, this scope can easily cover the needs of airsoft users as well. Some of its most impressive features are the TrueZero windage and the Quick Target Acquisition technology.

This scope won’t disappoint when it comes to delivering sharp and bright images. The premium optical glass is one of the best for its class. The Truplex reticle will help you find your target with superior accuracy. When it comes to eye relief, you can expect at least 3.75” thanks to the Quick Target Acquisition feature considering the full magnification range. Thanks to the raised tap on the power adjustment ring you can take advantage of a firmer grip.

This scope delivers 2-6X magnification and will probably fit best on a handgun. In terms of construction, this model can give you some peace of mind regarding rain or fog due to its reliable sealed design. Considering how clear the lens is and the excellent quality for its class, the Simmons ProHunter Truplex 822009 shouldn’t be overlooked if you need a powerful airsoft scope.

6. Vortex Optics Diamondback 10025

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In case you want to enter the professional league of airsoft, you will need the tools to handle competitive battles. Having a strong and reliable airsoft gun is a good starting point, but you also need to customize it with some powerful accessories. One great example is this scope made by Vortex Optics. The Diamondback 10025 is a bit costly, but it’s incredibly precise and well-built.

The tactical turrets have been designed for quick and efficient elevation and windage adjustments to correct for wind drift and maximize the precision. They will be able to return to zero in a consistent manner. This is the kind of scope which can do wonders for long-distance shooters as its VMR-1 MOA reticle offers lots of sophisticated features. The reticle can easily determine a wide range of relevant aspects such as moving target leads, ranges, and holdovers.

For a clear image, you can count on the glass with low dispersion properties and special layers of coating applied to the lenses. This could make all the difference when it comes to extended ranges. There’s no need to worry about damaging the scope as it’s been nitrogen purged and built with ruggedness in mind. Any rifle, including airsoft models, will be able to benefit from the performance and simple operation of the Vortex Optics Diamondback 10025. If you can afford it, this scope is worth a shot.

7. OTW Rifle Scope 3-9X40

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Despite having a low cost, the OTW 3-9X40 is one surprisingly reliable rifle scope that can satisfy lots of airsoft players. This is a dual illuminated scope in red and green which sports a BDC crosshair reticle. It comes with multi-coated lenses for improving the visibility in low-light conditions. The scope has a one-piece tube design which helps with the overall strength.

Making windage and elevation adjusting is a fairly straightforward process with this scope. Inhibiting internal fogging is a must when it comes to a high-quality scope. You’d probably expect this low-cost model to have some issues in that regard, but the nitrogen-filled tube is quite resistant to fogging. The anodized finish helps to keep glare to a minimum and the lens is designed to handle even more vibrant colors.

The aluminum used for the construction is of a decent quality. You can use the illumination in either color, whether you prefer red or green, and there’s even the option to choose black without any illumination at all. This scope surpasses all expectation considering how feature-rich and durable it is for the price. For an airsoft rifle, this is solid bang for your buck.

8. Bushnell 633941 Rimfire Series

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Bushnell is a very appreciated optics manufacturer and their scopes are made of premium materials to satisfy more demanding needs. We’ll take a look at the 633941 from the Rimfire Series which can be successfully used for airsoft. Aside from its great performance potential, this scope stands out due to its waterproof and fog proof construction.

Total protection against weather conditions such as rain and fog can only be achieved by quality craftsmanship. This scope features a sealed O-ring and arrives nitrogen purged for your convenience. You can even fully immerse the tool in water and there’s no danger of infiltration as it benefits from the amazing power of the Exo Barrier technology. Thanks to multiple layers of anti-reflective coating found on the optics you should be able to enjoy only bright images with a healthy level of contrast.

The focal plane of the reticle can be changed easily without the need to take your eyes from the target. This is a powerful tactical scope which makes use of a high-definition optical system promising increased visual light spectrum for superior visibility and a color-accurate picture. All things considered, the Bushnell 633941 Rimfire Series scope provides good value for the money with a clear glass, tight construction, and an overall quality feel.