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-The Best Airsoft Shotguns Reviews-

As I have previously written in my other articles, there are some principles and aspects based on which I made this selection. While we all have different understandings of how an airsoft shotgun should be like, I consider there are some common guidelines that are valid for most people.

Some of you who regularly read my articles know very well my ideology and they might find it funny that I almost always include a short explanation for every principle. But since my views on quality, value for the money and experience remain pretty much the same as the time goes by, I find it quite important to reiterate what are the reasons behind my beliefs. Plus new readers need to know these as well. Without further ado, the most important aspects on which I based my decisions are:

1. Quality

A bad quality product is doomed to fail. And that means that you will either have to buy a new one or abandon your hobby in disgrace. Neither of these are great alternatives so your only option is buying a high-quality product that guarantees you will only get the best results without bothering on anything else that is not relevant. Pretty simple innit?

2. Durability/Endurance

The same as on the first point, durability is necessary because you can’t always spend your time looking for replacements and accessories. As an airsoft savvy person, you should only concentrate on how to win the game and less on replacing your shotgun.

3. Value for the money

While we all love top of the line guns, we can’t always afford them. And that is a pain in the ass, although it forces us to find the best possible alternatives. In the airsoft industry as in any other, there are ridiculously priced guns, cheap guns, and guns that offer the best quality for the least amount of money. That is what we are looking for(I hope that you do as well 🙂 ).

4. Single shot vs. multiple shots

Real shotguns are generally made to shoot multiple projectiles at the same time from a small distance/range. Sadly, not all manufacturers in the airsoft world consider this definition to be true, so you can stumble now and then on various BB shotguns that shoot only one round at a time. I tried my best to not include those in this selection with some exceptions.

1. UTG Triple Shot Airsoft Shotgun

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As a triple shot airsoft shotgun, this UTG does a pretty good job in delivering a great experience for the user. Yes, it is a long way from perfection but again, for the price, it is a good pick. And here is why.

It has a velocity of around 320 FPS depending on the types of BBs you use, the manufacturing materials are mostly plastic but that also means that the gun is relatively lightweight and easy to use.

I would not expect it to be accurate further than 50 feet, although that is pretty much enough for an average airsoft shotgun. Pulling the fore-end back is not very difficult for an adult, although it is considerably harder compared to a single shot airsoft shotgun.

You can use both .12g and .20g BBs, I prefer the latter and also I would recommend biodegradable ones so you don’t have to clean your backyard or environment all the time. I also like that the BBs spread quite perfectly thus increasing its accuracy as long as you use it from a reasonable distance.

I do have some complaints, though. The plastic is not that realistic and it jams occasionally. Not a recurring problem but something that might happen in certain situations. Other than that I haven’t noticed anything else that would cause major inconveniences to the average user.

For the price, you get a decent triple shot airsoft shotgun from UTG that is accurate, durable and does its job quite well.

2. Double Eagle M58B Metal Airsoft Shotgun

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I am a fan of classical looking guns. Of course, I like modern looking guns too, with the vintage and old falling at the back of the top but I often choose the classics when I have the opportunity. Like for pistols, I like a Glock, Colt or Smith and Wesson, and when it comes to shotguns, I prefer simplicity, exactly as this Double Eagle is.

But enough about what I like. What does this airsoft shotgun have to offer? Firstly I would add that it has 400 FPS which is a lot and is tipping the limit for most airsoft competitions/games. That is why it will probably hurt a bit when you get hit from a small distance by its multiple projectiles at a time.

You can put a sight on it, and that is good, it uses standard 6mm plastic BBs which is also good because you can easily find affordable ammo on the market. It is easy to cock although probably the most disappointing part is that it only shoots one BB at a time, maybe two if you cock it twice. Guess at this price you can’t have them all.

It is spring loaded, so you won’t have to worry about filling its CO2 container or changing batteries. It is mostly made of metal, although it has some plastic parts. While I most definitely prefer a full metal build when possible, sometimes the compromise with a combination between plastic and metal might prove better for both the value for the money and ease of carrying.

I agree it is not a top of the line airsoft shotgun in some aspects like the plastic top barrel which is counter intuitive since this is a component that often fails, but at this price, you can’t really beat it. I have yet to find a metal airsoft shotgun in this price range. It is the best buy in terms of value for the money.

3. Double Eagle Triple Shot Airsoft Shotgun

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Yet another Double Eagle shotgun, this one shoots 3 projectiles at a time instead of one, closer to what real shotguns do.

It has an FPS of around 300 which is great I reckon, it is mostly made of plastic and rubber although well put together. The shell included in the package holds 30 BBs for approximately 10 shots. I say approximately because I have seen some people saying that the triple shot is not always consistent.

Since it is spring loaded it is more or less hassle free in terms of maintenance as long as you use it properly.

I would have liked that the shotgun featured a mounting rail for a scope or at least something that the scope could hang on to. If you absolutely need to mount a scope you can check the other Double Eagle shotgun in this selection.

I would also say that besides the perfect reason you would buy this airsoft shotgun (games competitions 😉 ) it is also a good shotgun for practice. Of course, you can’t beat a full metal replica but this one should also do the trick.

The accuracy is pretty good compared to other airsoft shotguns in this price range although not fantastic. It highly depends on the distance you are shooting from but exactly as real shotguns you shouldn’t probably expect sniper accuracy from it. As long as you want to ambush and knock down more enemies at a time from a small range this is a great gun to do so.

Final thoughts on this Double Eagle airsoft shotgun: Good looking, easy to carry, reliable and great value for the money. You get a lot of perks at a relatively low price.

4. UTG Triple Shot Shotgun

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UTG makes quality products for the most part and this multi-shot combat airsoft shotgun is no exception. While it is mostly made of plastic, this does not seem to affect the quality and durability in the long term. Actually, for a plastic airsoft shotgun, I would say it is pretty realistic.

The low FPS is what first surprised me, at around 280 FPS. Of course, it depends on the weight of the BBs but it is still pretty low compared to the competition. This means you will only use it efficiently in close range scenarios. In the end that is the main use of a shotgun. You can see the low FPS as an advantage so you don’t hurt your mates too much.

What I noticed and like a lot of this shotgun is the ease of use and carry. Since it is lightweight you can carry it around without too much hassle, making it a perfect secondary gun. Also, the fore-end is very easy to cock, so you can practice fast shooting.

Besides all these positive aspects it is also an affordable gun, so it scores big on the value for the money department as well. I would say it is a fantastic airsoft shotgun when considering the price. It is definitely worth it.

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