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With the help of an airsoft speed loader, you will be capable of reloading your magazines in record time. This is the kind of accessory that shouldn’t miss from any airsoft player’s arsenal as it can provide a valuable advantage in the heat of the battle. Finding the ideal speed loader for your airsoft needs can be tricky as there are lots of products on the market. Some will work consistently well, but you might also stumble upon low-quality models which can make your whole experience more frustrating.

Airsoft speed loaders are usually crafted out of durable plastic and the design has some lightweight properties. Some carrying capacities you can expect are from 90 to 470 rounds. It depends on your particular needs, but if you’re searching for a high-quality airsoft speed loader, the following list might help.

We’ve selected the most reliable products in this department and avoided speed loaders that don’t seem worth the price. The result is the list down below which contains the selections together with individual reviews for your convenience. Check them out if you’re ready to take your competitive airsoft game to a new level. You might also be interested in our articles about the best paintball guns and the best airsoft pistols and handguns.

1. MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader

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Great for a wide range of airsoft guns, the MetalTac speed loader is our top choice for a high-quality speed loader. This tool makes the reloading process fast and convenient. It’s compatible with AEG standard magazines and it provides an adapter to fit pistols.

To use this speed loader you first need to add your airsoft ammo by opening it up. Then you need to place the device over the gun magazine and pump the spring-loaded handle to fill it up. After a bit of practice, you should be able to do it quickly regardless of weapon type. Interestingly, this speed loader can also be used for Airsoft RC tanks. While the material quality of this speed loader won’t blow you away, it can definitely speed up the reloading process and save you from wasting too much time.

As with all speed loaders on the market, this one isn’t perfect, but out of all the options out there it seems to perform very well for its cost. With such an inexpensive price tag, the convenient MetalTac Airsoft speed loader is worth a shot if you want to try out a more efficient method for loading your ammo magazines.

2. UTG Sport Speedloader

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Another great solution for refilling your Airsoft gun magazines comes from UTG. Their Sport speed loader model delivers great results through an innovative design with a pellet counter. This model is compatible with various Airsoft weapons including pistols if you use the adapter. The cost is quite reasonable when you factor in the considerable amount of time you can save.

There’s a handy locking mechanism which allows you to work more efficiently during reloading. The lock button is strategically placed to control the loading cap. When it comes to the pistol magazine adapter, it seems like the manufacturer designed it well even if the positioning isn’t exactly ideal. It still requires a certain degree of precision when refilling pistol magazines. Perhaps the best feature of this speed loader is its user-friendliness.

You can quickly get used to the way it works. It can hold approximately 100 6mm ammo and it’s worth mentioning the convenient method of pushing the plunger to load a magazine in a matter of seconds. The plastic design may give off a cheap vibe, but this is definitely not a flimsy tool. The UTG Sport speed loader offers powerful features for its cost and that’s why Airsoft players everywhere should consider it.

3. Fire Power XL BB Airsoft Gun Speed Loader

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For those who aren’t satisfied with a regular, inexpensive speed loader, the Fire Power XL could be a more premium choice. One considerable drawback of most speed loaders on the market is the limited capacity. With the help of this model, you won’t be running out of BBs ever again as it can hold a total of 470 rounds. A handy magazine adapter is included in the package.

Aside from its large capacity, another important feature of this speed loader is the enhanced durability. Compared to conventional units on the market, this device has a sturdy polymer housing. It’s crafted with an attention to details to prevent flexing or bending, problems that usually add up over time for other loaders increasing the chance of total breakdown. Another solid design choice is the reliable type of springs used. The plunger works smoothly and feels dependable no matter the situation. Great accessory for any Airsoft magazine, the Fire Power XL should be your first choice in case you need a big capacity and superior durability. It’s also worth mentioning that you can hold any BBs regardless of weight. Excellent value for the money.

4. Dark Ops Airsoft Cyma Tactical

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The Dark Ops Airsoft Cyma speed loader is one essential accessory for anyone who’s into competitive Airsoft games. This is a pack of two tactical loaders with each offering a nice capacity of 110 rounds. They’re built with quality materials designed to prevent wasting precious ammo when refilling the magazines.

These loaders are crafted with a focus on reliable performance. You won’t be having too many issues with jams that frequently happen on other models. When it comes to the dimensions, the speed loader can easily fit in a magazine pouch. It’s a fairly portable accessory which is very simple to operate even by total beginners. There’s not much else to say about their functionality apart from the slightly loose feeling of the release button.

At this cost, it’s safe to say that the Dark Ops Airsoft Cyma Tactical deserves some attention from any Airsoft player. If you have multiple guns and need a nice set of speed loaders you can definitely benefit from buying this model. They don’t jam often, deliver decent durability, and won’t pose problems for novices, despite the release lever looseness.

5. Crosman SL6MM AirSoft BB Speedloader

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Another solid pack of speed loaders for Airsoft guns, the Crosman SL6MM can turn a time-consuming refilling chore into a blazing fast process. This speed loader doesn’t have a particularly impressive capacity as it can only handle a maximum of 90 6mm BBs, but its overall features make it worth a spot on this list, especially when taking the price into consideration.

The clear plastic look of these speed loaders won’t suit everyone’s tastes, but the important part is the performance. If fashion matters to you more, there are more expensive models out there with a more refined design. For those who value functionality above all else, this speed loader should do the trick. You can expect way less wasted ammo on the ground when you learn how to put this device to good use.

While you might stumble upon a jam occasionally, the Crosman SL6MM works quite reliably in the long run. It’s important to learn how to use it correctly to obtain the best time-saving effect. If you’re being too rough the loading process can suffer. All in all, this is a recommended set of speed loaders for anyone who wants to simplify the refilling process for their Airsoft guns.

6. Umarex Walther SpecOP Speed Loader

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Compact and well-designed, the Umarex Walther SpecOP is a powerful all-around speed loader. It features a 100-round capacity and suits 6mm caliber BBs. What makes this a solid choice is how the push button stays down when it’s not in use and the pellet counter.

Airsoft players will probably appreciate the stealthy look of this smoke-colored speed loader. It’s designed to be an ideal companion for reloading the magazines on your Airsoft guns. While most weapons should play nicely with this loader, you will need an adapter to fit a pistol. The plastic design seems above average in terms of durability and the markings on the side can be very helpful to check the current level of pellets left.

When it comes to user-friendliness, there’s nothing to complain regarding this device. It works just as expected, providing the necessary BBs to your magazine in just a few plunges. The secret to getting the process right is to hold it very firmly in place. Overall, the Umarex Walther SpecOP is a valuable addition in the toolbox of any Airsoft player. For this cost, you get a high-quality loader which works way better compared to manual reloading.

7. CYMA Tactical Speed Loader

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CYMA’s tactical speed loader promises a more efficient way to load airsoft pellets. This model features a sturdy body with handy gradations to figure out how many BBs you’ve got left. Thanks to its generous capacity, this loader should be able to handle approximately 110 rounds.

The speed loader is built primarily for 6mm ammo, though users could try other types such as 4.5mm. Those could fit but you’re likely to experience jamming when ejecting BBs. It takes a bit of practice to get the reloading process right. This loader isn’t the most durable out there which makes sense given the price. Even if the construction feels a little flimsy, this device works well for a solid range of Airsoft guns.

Aside from the speed loader itself, you will also get two adapters for magazines of different sizes such as those from AEGs or pistols. More effective compared to manual reloading, the CYMA tactical speed loader deserves a mention on this list considering its overall features for the cost. It’s a simple accessory, but it does what it’s supposed to.