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If you’re tired of having to deal with traditional coolers that require ice packs and you need something more practical, check out the following selection of electric coolers. Before we look at individual reviews for the best electric coolers on the market, let’s see the most important considerations to keep in mind about these products.

Iceless coolers are more convenient to use compared to classic coolers, but you need to dig deeper into a product’s specifications to figure out if it would be a great choice. One important aspect is the efficiency of the cooler. This is measured by seeing how well it can do its job at maximum capacity. Speaking of capacity, the size of the cooler represents another feature that can make or break a product.

Some electric models come with smaller, more compact designs, and these work best for those with a limited space. If you need an electric cooler for your car it’s safe to say that a large unit would be too impractical for most purposes. The last element that plays a role in the satisfaction of your purchase is the way the cooler gets its power. Some models come with extra power adapters so they can be more versatile to use.

While there are other factors that can contribute to your decision, the characteristics discussed above are the most relevant ones. Now it’s time to see the exact reasons for our selection as we jump right into our top picks for electric coolers.

1. Cooluli CMF4LB Mini Electric Cooler

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If you’re in need of a capable mini electric cooler, take a look at this compact and powerful model from Cooluli. The CMF4LB has an efficient thermoelectric system that enables you to keep the drinks cool and the food warm. It’s available in a wide range of colors and comes with both AC/DC and USB adapters.

In terms of design features, this cooler has been built with a durable finish. It’s sleek and easy to clean thanks to the polypropylene plastic construction. The door has a self-lock mechanism and overall the unit is much more portable compared to your average electric cooler. The downside is that you can’t place lots of items inside. This product fits best in places where space comes at a premium.

One great advantage of getting a mini electric cooler like this one is the low energy consumption. Its high-capacity cooling chip doesn’t require much power to cool the 4L capacity and as a bonus, you can also take advantage of the silent fan which produces a meager 28 decibels. Great for multiple settings, including home and office use, the Cooluli CMF4LB is a very cost-effective electric cooler.

2. Igloo 40358-P Thermoelectric Cooler

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Iceless thermoelectric coolers have become more popular than classic ice-based models. There are many instances where having an electric unit is more convenient. If you frequently go camping with your RV you’ll definitely like getting a powerful on-the-go cooler like the Igloo 40358-P. It’s a great option when you hit the road considering its direct plugging into a 12V outlet.

With the help of this thermoelectric cooler, you will be able to store food and drinks in a safe environment regardless of where you are. This unit can keep your food fresh for longer thanks to its brushless motor with convection cooling. Cold air will permeate throughout the entire container to ensure everything inside gets adequately cooled down to 36° F below the room temperature.

When you also take into account the reasonably large capacity of 26 quarts, the verdict seems to be very positive. This is an ergonomically designed cooler with smooth curves and a reliable handle. The 8-feet power cord is long enough to use with ease in all your camping adventures. In conclusion, the Igloo 40358-P is worth the modest investment if you need a solid all-around electric cooler.

3. Wagan EL6224 Electric Car Cooler

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The Wagan EL6224 is a nicely-sized personal cooler and warmer which can be taken on your road trips without difficulties. It offers a 24L capacity which is plenty to store various food items and beverages. The ergonomic folding handle makes this an ideal choice to use in your camping expeditions.

Similar to other thermoelectric coolers on the market, this unit features both warming and cooling functions. The cooling performance is probably more important for most people, and in that regard, you won’t be disappointed. It can effectively chill your food and drinks up to a maximum of 36° F below the temperature outside. The warming ability shouldn’t be underestimated as it can be perfect for barbecues where you might want to keep items hot for longer.

Thanks to a length of 7 feet of the power cord, you should have no problems if you wish to store the cooler on the back seat of your car. This model is properly equipped for vehicle use, but you can also buy a separate AC adapter to use the cooler at home. Given its affordable cost and overall features, it’s safe to say that Wagan did a solid job with the EL6224 model.

4. Dometic CFX28 Portable Electric Cooler

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If you’re not satisfied with standard electric coolers you will probably like the Dometic CFX28. This a highly performant model with an automatic turbo cooler which can also handle freezing jobs. Aside from its cooling abilities, this unit is incredibly quiet and energy efficient encased in a heavy-duty construction.

Robustness is key when it comes to this model. It features a strong design with reinforced corners and a reliable closing mechanism. The handles are fully removable to integrate it better in some smaller places. With its 26L storage volume, you shouldn’t run out of space very fast. In terms of user-friendliness, this electric cooler has been equipped with a digital temperature display.

What makes this model worth the expense is probably the ability to cool things down even when outside temperatures are very high. This means you can benefit from the same level of performance regardless of outside conditions. As it can handle both AC or DC power usage, it’s safe to say that you can count on this cooler for lots of different applications. All in all, the Dometic CFX28 should be strongly considered by those with bigger budgets and higher demands.

5. Koolatron P20 Car Cooler

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One compact and quiet electric car cooler that provides lots of features for the money is the Koolatron P20. It relies on a modern thermoelectric cooling system and comes prepared for powering it using 12V car power. The capacity of 18 quarts is fairly nice to add some snacks and various other food items. Bigger drinks can benefit from the slim and tall design.

Performance-wise, this car cooler can deliver good results in terms of both heating and cooling. Accessing the goods inside is done effortlessly with the help of a lid without a latch. When it comes to portability, this electric unit arrives complete with a carry handle which can be easily folded. The compact design works best for minivans or small cars. The durability isn’t particularly impressive, but the hard-sided plastic seems like it can take some abuse.

The motor of this cooler has received some enhancements to keep the noise levels down. One small issue to consider with this cooler is that it will take some time for the items inside to begin to get cool. It also depends on the temperature of the stuff you plan on adding to the cooler. Overall, the Koolatron P20 works as expected and deserves a mention on our list as it boasts a solid value for the cost.

6. Dometic CFX 50W Electric Cooler

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Dometic makes some of the most advanced electric coolers on the market so if your needs enter the heavy-duty territory, perhaps you should consider investing in the CFX 50W. This is a flexible cooling unit which takes care of either refrigeration or freezing. Despite the large size and robust performance, this cooler won’t consume an excessive amount of energy.

This model has been built to withstand the test of time as evidenced by little details that make it a durable product overall. For example, it has stainless steel hinges and the corners have been improved to resist accidental damage. Inside this machine, you will find an interior led light and when you want to adjust some settings you can rely on the control panel. The capacity of 46L is in another class allowing you to pack more provisions that require cooling.

It’s a fairly big cooler so you need to keep that in mind if you have a smaller vehicle. The premium level of performance makes this unit worth every dollar. Even during hot weather this cooler promises the same reliable results while maintaining low noise levels and efficient power consumption. If you’re ready to take the next step in the world of portable electric cooling, don’t miss out on the Dometic CFX 50W.

7. Koolatron P27 Voyager Cooler

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The Koolatron P27 Voyager is a cost-effective cooling machine designed to work from a simple 12V car connection. This looks like a very reliable traveling companion as its thermoelectric module took its inspiration from NASA and their stringent space requirements. Without too many hassles you can easily load up this cooler and get ready for the road trip.

Thanks to its generous 29-quart capacity, this cooler should be able to handle a great number of items whether we’re talking about drinks or food. With just a simple switch you can activate the cooler in reverse so you can use it as a warmer device instead. This has many advantages depending on the situation. For example, you can heat up infant food. The outside construction is fairly standard, but the polypropylene plastic used should handle boating and camping.

The only moving part in this cooler is the fan which helps to circulate the cool air inside. There’s no need to worry about too much noise as the machine is very quiet. The Koolatron P27 Voyager is a highly reliable cooler and warmer that can fully meet your expectations. It can even work great for more heavy-duty needs.

8. Knox CCW34QB Electric Cooler

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Versatile and extremely portable, the Knox CCW34QB is one solid all-around electric cooler that chills your food without ice. It’s designed to be used both on the road and at home as it features flexible powering options with AC and DC power cords. Keeping food and beverages at the right temperature is a breeze with this unit.

When you set it on its chilling mode, this cooler becomes very cold indeed as it reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit and then constantly tries to maintain it. Switching to the warming mode opens up a new set of possibilities. The inside of the device becomes quite hot at 130 degrees Fahrenheit which can become an ideal environment for keeping foods warm and toasty for longer. The total capacity of 34 quarts is more than adequate to store all your favorite drinks and snacks.

Thanks to the integration of a locking handle, spills shouldn’t affect you. There’s also an efficient locking mechanism that prevents the outside temperature from affecting the cooling effect inside. Other notable details are the convenient carry handle for portability and the dedicated spots for the cables. Overall, the Knox CCW34QB delivers a hassle-free cooling and warming experience at a highly competitive cost.