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Light is one critical aspect that you need to take care of in the event of a blackout or another emergency. To have some peace of mind you should consider investing in a lantern that’s specifically designed to provide you with bright light in a survival situation. The reason why you should consider this type of lantern is that it’s usually more durable and reliable compared to a conventional lantern.

How do you select the best emergency lantern? To answer this question we will first have to figure out the essential qualities to look for. A high-quality lantern needs to allow you to be prepared for any situation. The first element to be aware of is the strength of its illumination. You can check out the brightness of lanterns by looking over the specifications as it’s measured in Lumens. Try to find a good balance between power and a more non-glaring design.

Another aspect to consider is the energy source. It’s recommended to go for battery-powered emergency lanterns as they’re usually more versatile to use. Finally, one important detail is the construction quality. A solid emergency lantern needs to withstand the test of time aside from delivering reliable illumination performance. Check the construction elements and water resistance to ensure it meets more heavy-duty needs.

Let’s take a look at the following list where you’ll find the best emergency lanterns in terms of performance, durability, and overall value for the cost.

1. Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact

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Streamlight is a very appreciated brand in the world of tactical illumination. They’re focused on creating products that can offer reliable light in any situation. When you’re in an emergency, the last thing you need is to have visibility problems. This is why you need to invest in a high-quality lantern built for survival situations like the Siege Compact model.

Aside from being rugged and resistant to all kinds of damage, this lantern features the impressive C4 LED technology that delivers a brilliant light for an extended period of time. The lantern is designed to find an ideal balance between a sturdy LED design and powerful illumination. You can cycle through different output modes and the power button features a handy battery level indicator to give you peace of mind.

The outer globe can be removed from the lantern if you don’t like the floating light effect it creates. Sometimes you need to illuminate a larger area so just take off the globe and hang the lantern upside down using the D ring. A solid emergency feature is the night vision mode that allows you to conserve battery power. When you also consider the IPX7 waterproof rating and multiple color options, it can be easily said that the Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact is one of the best emergency lanterns for the money.

2. Vont 4-Pack Camping Lantern

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If you’re going camping and need a solid pack of lanterns to solve the problem of illumination, take a look at this kit from Vont which contains a total of four emergency lanterns. Each unit offers 30 bright LEDs that can pierce the dimmest nights with brilliant light. Other solid features are the long-lasting battery and the lightweight, collapsible design.

The way you change the light intensity of this lantern is very interesting. As opposed to other models that rely on a standard switch, this unit reduces or increases the strength of the light through its ingenious collapsible design. The small footprint of this lantern can be considered a huge advantage when packing supplies for camping. Despite the compact size, the lantern offers the kind of reliable 360-degree light you need in an emergency situation.

The military-grade materials used should help this lantern take some abuse. It can resist most impacts and heavy rain. The handle is also very practical as it can be quickly folded away. In conclusion, the 4-pack emergency lantern from Vont deserves an important mention on our list. There are many applications that can benefit from an extra number of lanterns and these units won’t disappoint in terms of performance and design features.

3. Supernova Ultra Bright LED Lantern

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Sporting an impressive brightness rating of 300 Lumens, the Supernova Ultra Bright LED lantern is the ideal companion for all your camping or hiking trips. The long battery life and sturdy rubber design can also make it an important part of your emergency toolkit. This is one of the most performant and versatile models on the market right now.

Having a bright and impressive illumination ability doesn’t mean much if the battery drains very quickly. Thankfully, this lantern seems very promising in this regard as it’s capable of running non-stop for a maximum of six days. The brilliant LED light is also incredibly energy efficient and reliable in the long-term considering the 100,000 hours total lifespan. One handy emergency feature of this model is the slow-pulse LED indicator which can be helpful to make your position visible from a distance.

Construction-wise, this compact lantern offers decent durability and adequate water resistance to handle any outdoor adventure. The plastic molding combined with the rubber offers excellent grip. Optimal light reflection is achieved with the help of the advanced convex reflector technology. All in all, the Supernova Ultra Bright LED is an amazingly dependable lantern that you should never forget to pack in your camping trips.

4. Etekcity CL10 Camping Lantern

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Emergency lantern packs are very popular nowadays and the reason for that is quite simple. You can take advantage of an extra light to leave it behind while others can be grabbed by multiple companions. Regardless of your particular needs, it’s important to choose a reliable lantern made with high-quality materials. Check out the Etekcity CL10 camping lantern pack which looks like it fits the bill.

This lantern arrives complete with all the necessary batteries to take advantage of its functionality right away. There are 30 LED bulbs integrated into each unit and they can illuminate an area more uniformly thanks to the 360-degree light. The materials used are fairly reliable, great for rainy conditions and camping adventures. Some compromises have been made on the durability to keep the lantern’s build in a more lightweight territory.

Another great aspect is the collapsible design which not only makes for a more convenient light control, but it also reduces the footprint of the tool. This is good news for people with limited space in their pack. In terms of battery life, this model doesn’t disappoint considering its 12-hour continuous performance. User-friendly and affordable, the Etekcity CL10 lantern pack represents a solid solution for a wide range of outdoor journeys.

5. Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400-1CR

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With one of the most impressive brightness levels for the cost, the Lighting EVER 1000 Lumens represents an excellent solution if you need an emergency lantern. This is a dimmable model which enables you to switch from lighting modes including to very bright flash mode to alert others of your location. If these four modes aren’t suitable to your needs, you can always long press the switch for finer tuning of the brightness.

Having 1000 Lumens in a lantern sounds great, but you also need to make sure all that brightness doesn’t go to waste in a single direction. That’s why the manufacturer added a 360-degree beam angle design to illuminate the entire area in the most satisfying way. Similar to other emergency lanterns on the market, this model comes with a decent level of water resistance and sturdy construction.

One detail that stands out is the reinforced metal handle. On the bottom of the lantern, there’s a hook that can be useful to hang the unit upside down from a tree branch. This is a battery-powered lantern that boasts excellent portability. You can use it in many different environments and for lots of purposes such as hiking, fishing, or camping. Versatile and performant, the Lighting EVER 1000 Lumens is a solid investment for a high-quality emergency lantern.

6. Gold Armour Cl60 Emergency Lantern

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The Gold Armour Cl60 emits a brilliant light with a brightness rating of 350 Lumens. It’s usually sold as a 4-pack to have multiple emergency lanterns available and not depend just on a single unit. The plastic used is resistant to water damage and the overall build quality is decent for the cost.

As opposed to various models on the market that rely on a 30-LED approach, this lantern comes equipped with the Chip-On-Board technology that boosts the illumination performance to new levels. The light provided by the lantern is also warmer to give off a more pleasant vibe without that typical coldness that standard lanterns have. Thanks to the collapsible design, this emergency lantern is incredibly easy to operate.

The materials used aren’t really amazing, but you shouldn’t have durability problems in most outdoor situations. With the help of 3 AA batteries that need to be purchased separately, you can expect this lantern to last for a maximum of 10 hours of non-stop use. This is pretty good, though not as impressive as more advanced models. Overall, considering the cost, the Gold Armour Cl60 is a valuable bundle of lanterns that can truly help you in an emergency.

7. MalloMe Camping Lantern Pack

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If you need a solid pack of camping lanterns that are versatile and performant, check out this model from MalloMe. Compared to its competitors, the lanterns in this pack don’t all look the same. They have different colors to make them stand out from the crowd. In terms of brightness, each unit promises 146 Lumens with a 360-degree coverage design.

Any lantern that’s crafted for emergency purposes needs to be compact and user-friendly. When you go camping you will probably appreciate the collapsible design of these units. In just a few seconds you can make the lantern more compact for a more convenient storage and control. The build quality is solid, though the lantern’s body has a cheap plastic feel that could be a drawback for some. That’s fully understandable given the low cost.

The manufacturer seems to focus on other details such as practical functionality and versatility. While the ABS plastic alloy used doesn’t look very attractive, it does a good protecting job when you’re camping or hiking. Taking into account the nice and efficient lighting as well as the overall design features the final conclusion is positive. The MalloMe emergency lantern pack is worth a shot if you’re on a budget.

8. Tough Light 400-LR Emergency Lantern

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As its name implies, the Tough Light 400-LR is a lantern that’s built for withstanding extreme survival conditions. Thanks to its 400 Lumens of brightness, this lantern won’t let you down in darker environments. As opposed to other models on the market that make use of disposable batteries, this lantern features a premium rechargeable battery.

The fact that it uses a rechargeable battery adds a new dimension of versatility. You can charge the lantern by using your car’s DC connection or through a laptop’s USB port. The good news is that you won’t have to waste too much time with the charges. With just one charge you should be good to go for more than 16 nights of continuous use. In terms of emergency features, this lantern seems properly equipped as it offers an SOS beacon and Red Hazard flashing.

Durability-wise, this emergency lantern comes with high-quality rubber and plastic molding to enhance the grip. Most wet conditions won’t pose a problem given the tool’s IPX6 waterproof rating. When it comes to impact resistance, this lantern can handle a 5-feet drop without a scratch. While the cost for the Tough Light 400-LR is significantly higher compared to other models, your safety can benefit a lot from having such a reliable and performant lantern.