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By using a ghillie suit you can become more proficient at camouflaging. This is a piece of tactical gear built from a lightweight material with an exterior designed to make you blend completely with the surrounding landscape. Hunters who wish to be more successful and not scare off their pray should consider investing in a ghillie suit as it allows them to stay hidden more efficiently.

Before looking over other features, it’s important to consider the settings where you plan to use the suit. Ghillie suits usually provide adequate camouflaging for a specific type of landscape like forests or dessert grasslands. Another aspect that you have to keep in mind is the fabric material. Hunters who want to focus on increased mobility should choose synthetic thread as it’s usually lighter.

It’s important to select a ghillie suit with a quality inner material. An expensive but high-quality solution is to select an inner shell built using Battle Dress Uniforms. This is a stronger material, but nylon netting or mesh can also do the trick. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ghillie suits for the money. We’ve searched the market for the most cost-effective products to ensure you will be completely satisfied with your new camouflaging suit. You might also be interested in our articles about the best airsoft sniper rifles and the best tactical backpacks.

1. Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit

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A dense high-quality ghillie suit, the Arcturus Ghost delivers all the qualities needed for a wide range of situations including Airsoft matches and hunting. It’s available in woodland and dry grass styles to suit different environments. The suit is double stitched to ensure the risk of shedding is kept to a minimum.

One of the main reasons why you should consider this ghillie suit is the amount of synthetic and durable thread used. Thanks to its 6 pounds of dense thread you should be able to properly conceal yourself in multiple environments. The double stitching is a nice detail which can improve the long-term experience with this suit. This model blends different shades of green, black, brown, and tan for its woodland style creating a very realistic look.

In terms of accessories, this ghillie suit offers a nice carrying case to hold the outfit. An elastic wrap for your gun is included to maximize the camouflaging effect. If you want a very well made ghillie suit which can truly make you stealthy, the Arcturus Ghost should be your first choice. It’s effective and easy to use so that’s why it’s recommended over cheaper options that are way less reliable.

2. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Ghillie Suit

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The Red Rock Outdoor Gear ghillie suit is another powerful competitor that brings some valuable features for camouflaging enthusiasts. Whether you’re an Airsoft player or hunter, this 5-piece ghillie suit can cover your needs with ease. There are multiple styles available including woodland, ACU, snow, and desert.

When it comes to materials used, this suit makes use of a combination of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. The fact that it’s made of five pieces means you can completely cover yourself and even your weapon as well. When it’s time to take it off you can stuff it in a convenient bag supplied in the package. Boots can be covered with ease by the pants thanks to their snap closures near the ankle.

Comfort-wise, the suit provides a few adjustability features like the chin strap for the hood or the elastic for the waist of the pants. You can even set up the gun wrap to accommodate different weapon lengths. All in all, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear ghillie suit sets a new standard in the thriving industry of camouflaging gear. It’s breathable, durable, and reasonably priced.

3. VIVO Camo Woodland Ghillie Suit

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For a successful hunting experience and more enjoyable Airsoft battle, you should strongly consider getting a ghillie suit like this woodland model from VIVO. It’s available in two sizes M/L for younger people and a larger XL/XXL for adults. All of its pieces can be neatly tucked in the included storage bag.

Aside from the jacket and pants, you will also get a mask for your face and a gun cover to keep your weapon hidden. This suit is fairly lightweight compared to others and boasts a quality lining built with 100% polyester. There’s a mesh opening in the mask to allow the user to see and breathe comfortably. The mask fits nicely with the jacket to evenly cover your shoulders. To boost the comfort you can try to adjust the chin and forehead straps.

One ingenious method to add some extra airflow when using the suit on a hot day is to rely on the convenient tear-away buttons for the legs of the pants. The gun cover measures 4 feet and can be fitted to your weapon with the help of strings. Anyone who needs thick coverage from head to toe shouldn’t miss this ghillie suit from VIVO. When you factor in all of its qualities including the accessories and cost, it becomes clear that this model is a winner on the market for camouflaging gear.

4. Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit

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With lots of improvements over the previous version, the Arcturus Warrior deserves some more attention on the market for ghillie suits. Both woodland and field grass camouflaging pattern styles are available in multiple sizes, including one for children. One of the main features of this suit is the dense thread closely stitched to the base to ensure its reliability in any situation.

Beefier than entry-level ghillie suits, but not as dense as the Ghost, this model comes with 4 pounds of thread. The same level of quality stitching like you’d expect from Arcturus is found in this costume as well. You can wear this with confidence in the wilderness without having to deal with thread loss. Besides the jacket and pants, the ghillie suit also provides a head cover which keeps the face hidden. For a complete experience, the gun gets its own wrap too.

If you’re not sure which thread style works best, it’s good to know that woodland fits better in forest environments while the field grass pattern blends ideally in the fall or winter grasslands. A very simple set to pack and unpack, the Arcturus Warrior can prove essential when you’re hunting or for obtaining a competitive edge in any Airsoft match.

5. Arcturus 3D Leaf Ghillie Suit

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If you prefer leaf ghillie suits, this 3D model from Arcturus could be a fitting solution. It’s incredibly lightweight with a focus on staying clean from random debris. The suit comes in multiple leaf variations to suit the season. You can get the autumn style with dead leaves or the summer green one with fresh leaves.

Whereas cheaper suits have tiny leaves, this model stands out due to its large and dynamic leaves. A lot of work went into adding details for maximizing the realistic look of the ghillie suit. It’s obvious just by looking at it that its design has a 3D depth effect. This is due to more than 1000 attached leaves which strike a good balance between softness and firmness. That means leaves can sway in the wind creating a more successful camouflage.

A big problem with this kind of suit is the way leaves can be lost when navigating the wilderness. This ghillie leaf suit is designed to handle trailing through heavily wooded areas and it will also keep dirt accumulation to a minimum. Similar to other models on the market, the Arcturus 3D leaf ghillie suit offers an elastic waist for comfort and a handy bag to use during transport.

6. Red Rock Gear Youth Ghillie Suit

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Those searching for quality ghillie suits for their children or teenagers will be pleased by this Red Rock Gear suit. This is a powerful camouflaging solution that can conceal a smaller person with ease. It can be helpful for Airsoft games or other purposes and the lightweight design should make it comfortable to wear.

One aspect where this ghillie suit gets things right is when it comes to comfort. The suit should fit as expected in most cases as it’s built with careful attention to ergonomics. It’s mostly polyester with a tiny bit of spandex added and you can obtain it in either a woodland or a desert version, depending on the surroundings. This suit doesn’t cover just the upper and lower body parts. It will also provide coverage for your head and gun to create the ultimate camouflage.

A very realistic-looking suit for hiding in the bushes, this youth ghillie suit from Red Rock Gear can be exactly what your children wish for. There are so many great applications for a suit like this as it’s not just useful for hunters. It can be used in paintball and Airsoft games as well as for wacky Halloween costumes. Given such a low cost, you’ll have a hard time finding a more quality camouflaging suit than this one.

7. OUTERDO Leaf Ghillie Suit

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Budget-conscious users who need a capable leaf ghillie suit shouldn’t overlook this model from OUTERDO. Despite being so affordable, this 2-piece costume can deliver some decent camouflaging results. It lacks some sort of face covering so it may not be as effective as other models, but for this price, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

The polyester used is very lightweight which can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on the situation. It’s definitely an easy suit to wear and it permits more agile movement, but the quality of the leaves isn’t that high. We like the breathable polyester and the addition of poppers on the jacket which makes it a breeze to take the suit off. The trousers have some adjustment features for the belt and the ankle.

One downside that you need to be aware of in this ghillie suit is the quality of the zipper. It gives off a cheap feeling, but at least it’s functional. In the end, the suit can work for its intended purpose even if you pretty much get what you pay for. If you want a more performant ghillie suit you should probably look elsewhere, but for a basic camouflaging outfit, this OUTERDO model will do just fine.

8. OUTERDO Woodland & Forest Ghillie Suit

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Another OUTERDO ghillie suit that’s worth a mention on this list is their woodland forest model. This is a fairly dense suit with 100% polyester lining which comes with covering for your gun and a carry bag. There’s a multitude of applications for this ghillie suit such as hunting, Airsoft, and wildlife photography.

Before deciding to purchase any ghillie suit, including this one, make sure it can fit you. This unit comes in an average adult size which can be a good match for anyone who’s within 40″-48″ chest sizes and 30″-48” when it comes to waist sizes. Even though this is an inexpensive ghillie suit, it still offers the complete camouflage package with an adjustable hood and gun cover. The carry bag has compression straps to make it easier when stuffing the suit pieces.

The overall quality of the suit can actually exceed your expectations. The lack of double stitches makes it less durable than others, but that’s already asking for too much at this cost. In the end, the OUTERDO woodland ghillie suit may not be very different from more expensive suits, so it’s safe to say that you will get some satisfaction from this investment.