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Whether for airsoft or hunting, laser scopes can improve your accuracy by a lot. This is an incredibly useful accessory that can make target acquiring a breeze. At a simple search for a laser scope, you will discover an overwhelming number of products. Figuring out which are better will require a considerable amount of research. Thankfully, this article should help you to skip all that effort and choose only from the best laser scopes on the market.

The way we’ve made this selection took into account several aspects. Your rifle needs a high-quality laser scope, a model that offers powerful adjustment features and excellent visibility. There are two laser types to choose from – Red and Green. Red lasers work nicely for most light conditions whereas green models can boost the visibility in low-light conditions. In many cases, you won’t have to choose between laser types because lots of scopes can integrate both red and green lasers.

Laser scopes are primarily designed to be fitted with rifles, but there are some models which can be incorporated into shotguns or pistols. We’ve analyzed the market for laser scopes and decided on the following products that offer the best bang for your buck in terms of overall capabilities.

1. Pinty Green Laser Sight Scope

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There are lots of capable laser scopes on the market, but if you’re on a tight budget you won’t have many options. A more entry-level scope that offers great features for its cost is this model from Pinty. Its construction seems to rival more expensive models on the market and the strong green laser delivers satisfying visibility and accuracy.

This could be an excellent rifle scope to use with your airsoft gun. The laser is able to reach a respectable distance of almost 300 feet. This may not seem that impressive, but keep in mind that at night it can maintain good visibility even up to 1000 feet. In terms of construction, this laser scope can definitely meet your expectations for the cost. It’s not the sturdiest out there, but the aluminum design seems like it can handle most weather conditions.

To add some extra convenience, the manufacturer includes in the package a remote control for the laser. All the necessary mounting accessories are provided as well. The Pinty green laser scope benefits from solid optics that makes it a suitable choice for many applications. All things considered, this laser scope is an excellent unit that comes at a very affordable price.

2. XOPin Rifle Scope Combo C4-16x50EG

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For those who want a more premium unit, check out the XOPin Combo C4-16x50EG. This is a more sophisticated rifle scope that integrates a reliable laser sight to ensure maximum target accuracy. There are lots of adjustment to be made here and the green laser is fully detachable to customize your shooting experience.

When it comes to the quality of the lens, this model seems to get things right. The optics come fully coated and they’re specially treated against water damage and fogging. This scope boasts a decent level of magnification from 4X to 16X. As long as your weapon has a standard Picatinny rail you should be able to mount this scope without issues. In terms of range adjustments, the scope provides resettable windage and elevation.

Fast moving targets can be more easily acquired with the help of the red dot sight. On the integrated rail, there’s plenty of remaining space to add some extra accessories if you prefer. Considering the solid reaching distance, long eye relief, and multiple levels of Red and Green laser illumination, it’s safe to say that the XOPin Combo C4-16x50EG is worth the investment.

3. Pinty HRS0011GN

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Another capable laser scope coming from Pinty is the HRS0011GN Rangefinder model. This scope comes complete with mounting rails, Red/Green dot sight, and a powerful green laser. It’s suitable for hunting as that’s the primary intended purpose. Airsoft users can make use of it too if their rifle comes with a standard Picatinny rail.

Scopes are important for target acquiring at a distance and this model delivers performant magnification to help you see what you’re hunting more clearly. The magnifications between 3X and 9X together with the illuminated sight should deliver some satisfying results. There are 4 reticle patterns available and you can adjust the brightness of both red and green sight options. Nitrogen filling for the optics ensures that you won’t have to worry about water and fog issues.

Aside from making adjustments to the illumination, you can also use the two integrated knobs to change the windage or elevation levels. Focusing is done using the dedicated ring. Overall, the Pinty HRS0011GN deserves an important mention on this list of laser scopes. It offers a complete accessory package to enhance your hunting performance through reliable light transmission and great illumination features.

4. AT3 Tactical LEOS Red Dot Scope

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A highly reliable rifle scope is the AT3 Tactical LEOS which comes in two styles. With a red or a green laser. We’ll be looking at the red laser model which has many promising features in store. Aside from the durable construction quality and practical flip-up lens caps, this model boasts a great battery life for the laser as it can reach a maximum of 40 hours of continuous use.

The crisp red sight comes with multiple brightness levels you can toggle to reach optimal accuracy in every situation. The laser can help in any low-light environment and enables users a quicker rate of target acquiring. Construction-wise, this scope offers crystal-clear optics with special coatings applied to protect it against scratches. Versatility is one strong characteristic of this laser scope.

Windage and elevation settings are easily accessible and convenient to modify. The flip-up caps help with a faster deployment. When you take into account all of this scope’s features, including the long battery life, durable matte-black finish, crisp laser illumination, and precise controls, the final conclusion is highly positive. The AT3 Tactical LEOS with its performant red laser should be strongly considered if you want a high-quality scope.

5. XOPin Rifle Scope 4-12x50EG

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The XOPin 4-12x50EG is designed for hunters who need a capable scope for wide range shooting. This model boasts an impressive objective lens diameter of 50mm and solid magnification levels up to 12X. As with similar laser units, the scope provides powerful illumination in both red or green colors.

There are five levels of brightness control for the laser and the eye relief of 3″ ~ 3.4″ is quite long. Paired with the wide magnification you can expect to see quite clearly at around 200 to 1000 yards. Different adjustments for elevation and windage are present and the laser sight is fully detachable. When it comes to moving targets, this scope can help you by offering a wide field of view which is mostly thanks to the tubeless holographic sight.

Durability-wise, the scope delivers excellent results due to its shockproof and waterproof construction. The high-grade optical lens is protected from fogging. Considering how simple it can be mounted on compatible rifles, the XOPin 4-12x50EG is a recommended laser scope. It’s priced fair and seems very well made with powerful enough illumination and reliable reticle shapes.

6. Twod 2.5-10×40 Rifle Scope

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There are many low-cost options for a laser scope, but few of them are actually worth the money. One solid example of a product that seems very performant is the Twod 2.5-10×40 which has great features at a more affordable price. This tool sports an integrated red laser sight which works ideally in close quarter combat.

A solid ability of this rifle scope is the drop compensator. By using a dedicated dial with precise markers you can obtain more accurate shots. Just make sure you figure out the distance first with the help of the mil-dot reticle. The optics are of decent quality and the construction is pretty nice too. The aluminum body relies on a fixed mount for a Weaver rail. You shouldn’t have fogging issues and the design is also waterproof.

The eye relief is quite good, but one aspect that makes this a very powerful laser scope for beginners is the reliable illumination. Both red and green sights have an adequate level of brightness which is especially crisp at night. Taking into account the fairly straightforward mounting process and the overall features for the cost, it can be said that the Twod 2.5-10×40 shouldn’t be left out if you’re in the market for a capable laser scope.

7. UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope

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Laser scopes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you don’t want to spend too much yet still benefit from quality optics and illumination, check out this balanced model from UUQ. It relies on a tubeless design with a wide field of view meaning it works best for moving targets and rapid firing. Other highlights are the hassle-free mounting, matte-black finish, and dual illumination modes.

Missing your target will be a thing of the past if you use this laser scope which features complex adjustment features. As the scope comes with its own rail you shouldn’t run into any issues when it’s time to mount it. Both Picatinny and Weaver rails are supported. The lens measures 50mm in diameter delivering solid magnification. Even at 100m away you should be able to hit your target easier compared to other models.

As this laser scope is quite sturdily built you can expect it to feel a little heavy. You should be able to get used to it and considering the way it looks when all the attachments are installed, it’s safe to say that the extra weight won’t affect your enjoyment. When you factor in the overall features and accessories, the UUQ C4-12X50 represents a competitive solution for a laser scope.

8. Pinty HRS0011RD

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Although it’s not as popular as some other laser scopes on the market, the Pinty HRS0011RD deserves a mention on this list considering its great abilities. The extra cost probably plays a role in its lower popularity level, but if you want to invest in a more performant laser scope, this definitely won’t disappoint you.

This model is made of a durable aluminum alloy that received a stylish black finish. It should look great when paired with your rifle. Compatibility-wise, you won’t have problems as long as your weapon uses a standard Picatinny or Weaver rail. The housing is resistant to impacts, but the delicate components inside are also protected against other dangers such as water and fog. When it comes to magnification power, this scope delivers some respectable results within 3X and 9X.

Adjusting the brightness level of the sight is a breeze as well as switching from a reticle pattern to another. The red laser helps to maintain the best level of accuracy possible. Windage and elevation are adjustable with a tool-free design. All in all, the HRS0011RD laser scope from Pinty checks all the boxes for a capable unit to consider. It may feel a little too bulky for some people, but the performance and set-up process make it worth your time.