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Recoil pads are handy accessories designed to offer adequate protection for your shoulders when shooting. They’re usually made of soft materials which are easily attached to the gun’s end. Hunters benefit a lot from minimizing the impact of recoil when firing their rifles. Buying a recoil pad represents a great investment in your safety and makes it more convenient to use your weapon.

Not all recoil pads are made in the same way so it’s important to be aware of their differences to make the right choice. Those with higher shooting demands will probably prefer a thicker pad which is also more durable as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. One aspect that you need to keep in mind is to select a pad that’s fully compatible with your particular rifle. Some models fit better and offer different results depending on the type of rifle you use.

The best protection against recoil comes from a thicker pad as it will allow you to grip the weapon better and more comfortably. Even so, some users might not like the idea of making too much of an investment. This is why we’ve created this list which contains both heavy-duty and budget-friendly recoil pads so that anyone can discover a suitable companion for their rifle. Take a look at the best recoil pads for the money.

1. LimbSaver Snap-On Recoil Pad

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If you wish to significantly cut the felt recoil, take a look at the LimbSaver Snap-On recoil pad. This model features a special texture with anti-slipping properties and a firm base that allows the user to install it on most adjustable carbine stocks. This recoil pad is built using the proprietary NAVCOM technology for effectively dissipating energy and vibration.

When it comes to durability, this pad doesn’t disappoint. It offers a high-quality construction to suit even harsher environments. Rain can pose some problems for other models, but this one should remain stable in place. There are two color choices available – black and tan – to match the look of your gun. One important ability of this recoil pad is to enable you to re-acquire your target quicker as the muzzle jump is significantly decreased.

Installing this recoil pad will only require a screwdriver. It’s important to check for compatibility with your specific gun model, but it’s safe to say that the majority of the popular firearms will play nice with this pad. For some extra customization, you could always rely on a belt grinder to obtain the ultimate fit. When taking into account the cost and the overall features, the final conclusion is highly positive. The LimbSaver Snap-On is a top choice for a recoil pad.

2. Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-On Recoil Pad

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The Pachmayr Decelerator is another solid slip-on recoil pad which combines a premium material with an advanced internal design for a firm recoil control. Aside from its performance in handling a good amount of impact from the recoil, this pad is also pleasant to look at. It can make a great choice for hunters who want to shoot for extended periods of time while maintaining an adequate comfort.

Installing this recoil pad is a breeze. The snag-free design will certainly facilitate the process and you will probably appreciate the multiple size options. The pad can be purchased in small, medium, and large sizes to fit a wider range of gun stocks. Just check the dimensions carefully to see which size works best for the firearm you own.

When it comes to the quality of the materials and shock absorbing performance, this pad seems to be able to exceed your expectations. It can handle the recoil in a comparable manner with more expensive recoil pads, so for its cost, this is a seriously attractive option. The pad will make the gun a bit longer, but you will no longer have to deal with the discomfort from the recoil. This is why the Pachmayr Decelerator is highly recommended.

3. Magpul Extended Rubber Butt Pad 0.70″

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One affordable and performant recoil pad that you should check out is the Magpul 0.70″ Extended Rubber pad. It stands out due to its quality rubber used for maximizing the shoulder purchase and taking care of your discomfort from recoil. It’s compatible with various stocks including all STR, ACS-L, ACS, and CTR, among many others.

The thick construction of this pad makes it a powerful choice on the market for recoil reducers. Thanks to multiple vents and the efficient rubber design, this pad feels great during shooting. This unit is built in the USA and the quality is very solid for the cost. Everything required to install the recoil pad on your stock is provided in the package so you can start using this right away.

Considering how nicely it fits and the quality finish, the Magpul 0.70″ Extended Rubber pad shouldn’t be overlooked if you need an inexpensive pad that does what it’s supposed to. You can’t really expect it to reduce the recoil like more expensive models, but it’s thick enough to make a difference compared to default pads that come with stocks. As it looks and feels great, this recoil pad is worth the money.

4. LimbSaver Airtech Slip-On Recoil Pad

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Anyone who wants to get their hands on a more performant recoil pad should consider the LimbSaver Airtech. Whether you have a rifle or shotgun, this model can handle a wide range of stock sizes while keeping the installation process as straightforward as possible. This model is packed with some powerful anti-muzzle jump technology.

There are four available sizes for this recoil pad and compared to their more basic Slip-On model, this one features atmospheric chambers for superior minimization of the recoil’s effects. The NAVCOM technology is found here and you can truly see it in action during shooting as it absorbs a good portion of the generated energy. Hunters will like the special outdoors-tested construction with a no-slip texture for increased control.

While this recoil pad can be installed directly over your default pad, it’s actually recommended to remove it and only place the AirTech to get the best recoil reduction results. You can expect a maximum of 70 percent reduction in felt recoil. If you can find the best size for your specific gun, the LimbSaver AirTech can do wonders for your overall shooting comfort. Solid vibration dampening effect.

5. TinyPrice Recoil Eraser Slip-On Recoil Pad

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With a special gel-filled material and a convenient one-size-fits-all approach, the TinyPrice Recoil Eraser is one interesting model on the market for recoil pads. It’s crafted with attention to details so as to not damage your gun in any way. The pad can fit most rifles and shotguns without compatibility issues.

Thanks to the high-tech gel pads inside, this recoil pad is capable of handling some of that shock produced when firing your gun. While you can’t realistically expect it to remove the recoil effect completely, it can definitely have a noticeable effect on your overall comfort. It’s so easy to install and then move from a gun to another in no time. There’s no need to search for tools or to consider modifying your weapon in any way.

When it comes to shouldering the weapon, many people worry that a pad like this can actually make it less enjoyable to use your weapon. To prevent shouldering inhibition, this recoil pad relies on a Lycra-covered neoprene cuff and the end contains a special no-slip surface to maintain stability during shooting. A great product in terms of value for the cost that does what it claims, the TinyPrice Recoil Eraser is recommended if your gun’s recoil is too much for you.

6. Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pad

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Gel-filled recoil pads represent a popular solution when it comes to absorbing some of that powerful energy created when shooting with a rifle or shotgun. If you’re searching for a high-quality model, take a look at what this Shooterpads unit has to offer. It can easily fit a multitude of different makes and gun models.

Getting this recoil pad to work takes only a few seconds as you need to mount it on the butt of your rifle. If you have more than one gun you will probably appreciate the convenient way to take off the pad without help from any tools. Aside from the Visco-Elastic gel that does a solid job at reducing the recoil you can also benefit from removable mini cell foam pads.

These foam pads are useful if you require extra energy absorption, but they can come in handy during the fitting process as well. Thanks to the high surface tension material used for the butt end of the recoil pad, you won’t have to worry about any shoulder movement. This model from Shooterpads delivers a solid level of control for your weapon’s recoil which can definitely increase your overall shooting performance.

7. LimbSaver AirTech Precision-Fit Recoil Pad

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The last LimbSaver recoil pad that represents a solid choice for the price is the AirTech Precision-Fit. This is a more expensive recoil pad designed specifically for wood stocks. It’s available in different custom sizes to fit a certain model as precise as possible. The installation process is quite effortless and the shock absorption performance is fairly decent.

The main reason why this model works great to reduce your gun’s recoil is the powerful design of its atmospheric chambers. The pad has been created with stability in mind as evidenced by its durable shooting platform offering a quality surface that virtually eliminates any kind of slipping. The atmospheric chambers work together with the special anti-muzzle jump technology to help you increase your accuracy and control.

You will need a screwdriver for a proper install, but after this easy process is dealt with, you can start using your rifle or shotgun with more confidence. Considering the reliable incorporated technologies, material quality, and user-friendliness, the LimbSaver AirTech Precision-Fit deserves a spot on our list of best recoil pads for the money.

8. Allen Recoil Eraser Pad

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A somewhat underrated recoil pad is the Allen Eraser which boasts a strong polymer capable of minimizing the felt recoil by a noticeable difference. This pad is designed to install on straight stocks and is recommended for those who don’t like wearing shooting vests. There’s quite a generous list of known fits to enable multiple users to benefit from this pad’s energy absorption.

The polymer used is designed to offer you a comparable level of quality with more advanced models at a much lower cost. This is definitely an entry-level recoil pad, but that shouldn’t detract you from considering it. The pad stands out due to its particularly easy installation process. Just make sure you stretch it nicely to get a comfortable fit. The end result should offer no slippage.

Keep in mind that the material choice attracts dirt and lint so you will have to clean it regularly. The molded texture feels nice to the touch so that shouldn’t be a problem. When you take into account the cost, the Allen Recoil Eraser pad seems like a very strong competitor on this crowded market. It has enough potential to act as a reliable companion to your weapon.