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When you’re frequently traveling and need to face the outdoor elements you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your gear. This is why you need to invest in a high-quality tactical backpack which provides superior robustness and versatility to cover more heavy-duty needs. Whether you’ve got professional demands or just wish to get your hands on a more functional backpack, this article should help you.

When hunting for a new tactical backpack there are a few qualities you need to be aware of like comfort and material quality. Lots of backpacks offer extra padding or improved air circulation for boosting the overall comfort. The way a backpack is built can play an important role when it comes to carrying more items and for the length of its lifespan.

Good backpacks allow you a decent level of organization, but truly great tactical backpacks should enable you to go beyond that. These units provide multiple compartments and are designed for taking gear packing to a whole new level. We’ve analyzed the market for this popular piece of gear and selected only the models that deliver on their promises. Considering all these important aspects, take a look at the best tactical backpacks for the money. You might also be interested in our articles about the best tactical pants and the best tactical gloves.

1. 5.11 RUSH24 Tactical Backpack

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One of the best options for a tactical backpack comes from 5.11. Their RUSH24 model has a lot in store to cover even more heavy-duty needs. It features a 37L capacity with some practical pockets and boasts an optimized Molle webbing platform to enhance the functionality of the backpack as much as possible. Other highlights are the self-repairing YKK zippers and 1050D Nylon material.

There are many reasons why this model deserves a top spot on our list. The enhanced durability is definitely one of them. A special water-repellent coating has been applied to the tough nylon and the handle received some serious reinforcement to handle a full load. Adding lots of useful items is nice, but keeping them organized is more valuable if you want to be prepared for anything. This is why this backpack offers lots of internal compartments and admin panels.

The yoke-style straps help a lot with the comfort and the Molle system allows you to clip things to the backpack, items that you would like to have quick access to. Overall, the 5.11 RUSH24 is a high-performance tactical backpack which can work great for both recreational or operational purposes. It has a solid assortment of pockets and a construction that enables anyone to store their gear with confidence.

2. REEBOW GEAR Large Tactical Backpack

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Reasonably-priced and well-equipped to deal with any unexpected situations, the large tactical backpack from Reebow Gear shouldn’t be missed if you need a more functional rucksack. This unit is built to military standards of quality allowing you to be prepared when going hiking, trekking, or camping. It features a Molle system, 40L capacity, and very comfortable padding.

When it comes to build quality, this backpack won’t disappoint. It sports a rugged material with thick and sturdy zippers. You will also probably like the way every pocket comes equipped with double zipper pulls. For those who want to add a water bladder, it’s worth mentioning that the backpack provides a dedicated space for that. Comfort-wise, the rucksack offers a nice compression system to handle long camping trips. The padded areas are ventilated and the shoulder strap enables almost effortless carrying.

Another extra that some people might appreciate is the included US flag patch. The Molle webbing can be very useful for placing some items that don’t fit well inside or you need close at hand. Taking into account the wide range of tactical applications such as survival, 3-day assault, and military purposes, the Reebow Gear large tactical backpack is recommended for the cost.

3. SOG Ninja Tactical Backpack

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The SOG Ninja represents a great solution if you’re on a budget and need a water repellent backpack which blends a lightweight design with comfort and style. Despite having a lower cost than others, this tactical backpack doesn’t seem to compromise too much on durability and it comes equipped with the same appreciated features such as the Molle webbing and stretchy side pouch.

Whether you plan on using this backpack for your daily commute or survival adventures, it seems capable enough to withstand some wear and tear. Aside from the durable blend of polyester and canvas, this model features a water-repellent coating to make sure your items are safe from the rain. The backpack has solid organizational potential thanks to a modular design with a roomy main compartment and lots of extra pockets.

One tactical feature you can take advantage of is the hydration bladder pocket. With a nice reservoir, you should be able to stay hydrated more conveniently. There are lots of color choices so finding the best backpack for your tastes will be a breeze. Considering everything regarding the SOG Ninja’s capabilities, it’s safe to say that it’s worth the cost if you’re into more compact tactical backpacks.

4. 5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Backpack

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Available in a wide range of colors, the 5.11 RUSH72 is one tactical backpack that should be strongly considered if you want a truly military-style rucksack. Just from a simple close inspection, you can immediately realize how sturdily the backpack is built. It features a bug-out bag design with an extra large 55L capacity and lots of compartments for superior organization of your gear.

The large compartment found in the front offers a lot of organization potential to keep all your essentials safe. Inside there are multiple zippered pockets which can be useful for separating different gear into dedicated compartments. If the carrying capacity is somehow still not enough for your needs, the backpack’s main body can be separated from the front resulting in some additional space to stow extra gear.

Other convenient features are the hydration compartment complete with routing and the top pocket which can come in handy for storing a smartphone or sunglasses. Whether we look at the Molle system, the cleverly-designed compartments or the dense and comfortable straps, the final conclusion is clear. The 5.11 RUSH72 is a premium tactical backpack that you’d be wise to invest in.

5. REEBOW GEAR Small Tactical Backpack

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If the large 40L Reebow Gear tactical backpack seems too much for your needs, there’s also a 34L model which packs the same durability and versatility at a great price. This unit is hydration compatible allowing you to install a separate hydration bladder. There’s a decent Molle system included with a more limited spacing provided which means it will only allow a part of military Molle gear to install correctly.

The density of the fabric speaks for the quality of this backpack’s construction. The material is thick and comes with double stitching to ensure the backpack can resist for a long time. You will have some peace of mind regarding rain as the pack’s contents should remain perfectly dry. In terms of comfort, the backpack seems built for long-term use due to its load compression system and adequate padding for the shoulder straps.

Aside from a wide range of useful compartments, there’s a hydration pocket included for some extra tactical value. Useful for a wide range of purposes, the 34L Reebow Gear tactical backpack delivers some solid performance for its cost. It’s well-built and feels dependable in the hands of anyone who needs a more advanced storage space for their tactical gear.

6. Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

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With a wide range of colors and camo patterns, the Mardingtop tactical backpack is another interesting model that made its way into our list. The 35L capacity makes this a good solution for medium-duty storage needs. One feature that stands out is the comfortable waist belt design which makes it especially recommended for camping and hiking as it keeps your gear more secure.

Thanks to the 600D polyester used for this tactical backpack you should be able to enjoy many traveling sessions. The straps have been particularly reinforced to keep the pack secure on your shoulders. For additional convenience, there’s a sternum strap and waist belt buckle. The padding on the back will allow you to carry more without feeling burdened. Those who want to install a hydration system can benefit from the dedicated internal compartment. Speaking of inside organization, you will find a large main space along with convenient front and secondary pockets. The latter offers a zipped mesh compartment which simplifies organization.

All the design elements including the Velcro spot, zipped front pocket, and compression straps make this a powerful tactical backpack. When you also add the practical Molle system, the Mardingtop backpack looks like a fitting piece of gear to store various items.

7. Orca Tactical Military Backpack

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Orca Tactical is a reputable manufacturer of military-style backpacks and this model of theirs appears to strike a great balance between features and cost. The 600D polyester construction is tough and resistant to water damage thanks to the special coating. This backpack seems very focused on comfort as it provides excellent padding in key areas such as back and shoulders.

The addition of contoured shoulder harnesses is one aspect which many people will appreciate, particularly during long trips. When it comes to organization, this tactical backpack seems ingeniously designed. It features two sets of compartments. There are two larger ones for adding and securing large items and two smaller compartments found on the front which are more suitable to handle accessories like tactical gear or personal objects. Attaching patches or other tools can be done without too much effort thanks to a performant Molle system.

If the 600D polyester doesn’t seem that impressive to you, it’s important to note that it has been enhanced with a reliable scratchproof coating. The backpack can take some abuse, even from heavy rain. Great as a hiking rucksack, bug-out bag, or any other type of dependable tactical backpack, the Orca Tactical military-style backpack is worth the cost.

8. SOG Opord Tactical Backpack

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SOG is mostly known for their impressive line of knives and tools, but it seems they also create high-quality tactical backpacks. The Opord model with its 39.1L capacity delivers in many regards including storage versatility, comfortable padding, and overall construction and design features. It won’t have problems in the rain and accepts extra customization due to its performant Molle webbing system.

Inside this backpack, you will discover the main compartment equipped with a hydration reservoir sleeve. This is where you can place a good chunk of your gear. In the front, there’s an organizer and you can also make use of the patch holder to customize the look of the backpack. On the side, you will be greeted by convenient pockets with extra storage potential.

When it comes to securing the backpack, there are wide shoulder straps with an adjustable slider for the sternum strap. On the bottom, you can find compression straps where you can add your sleeping bag. This is a very versatile tactical backpack which can be comfortably used for everyday needs as well as outdoor survival. Considering the cost, the SOG Opord represents a smart investment.