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-The 5 Best Tactical Caps and Hats of 2017-

A tactical cap/hat might seem like a funny concept as long as you don’t look at caps in shades. That is, even more, the case if you find out what actually makes a tactical cap a tactical cap.

Probably one of the most important features of a tactical cap is the patch support on the front. Of course the camouflage and color of a cap are also very important in setting whether it is tactical or not. The most popular colors are black, green along with that greenish camouflage and probably that brownish camouflage. Other colors include brown, turquoise and gray.

The process of finding the best tactical cap for your needs should be easy thanks to the internet but due to the incredible variety, you can find it difficult to decide which is a better pick. Hopefully, this is where my article should help you. I tried choosing only the items that I considered to fulfill all the factors like quality, value for the money, durability, materials used and overall experience. If a cap missed at least one of these elements it probably didn’t make it to the selection.

Anyway, let’s see which are the best tactical caps and hats of 2017!

1. Condor Tactical Cap

Condor Camouflage Tactical CapBuy On Amazon

Coming with one size that fits all and a large variety of different colors, this is a reasonable priced tactical cap. It is made by Condor and it comes with an adjustable back. While there is not much to say about it I am surprised by both the quality and the materials and camouflages available. You can easily blend in with the environment thanks to the realistic elements of the camouflage.

Features List:

  • Comfortable for long periods of continuous wearing
  • Patch support on the front, back, and top
  • Durable materials
  • Velcro strap on the back for size adjustment
  • Good camouflage although not high fidelity to the original types

It might not be perfect, as some people complain but for the most part this is a great choice if you want an affordable tactical cap with patch supports and a wide range of different camouflages.

2. Gadsden and Culpeper Tactical Cap

Gadsden and Culpeper Tactical CapBuy On Amazon

If the previous Condor cap came in a wide range of colors and camouflages, this Gadsden and Culpeper cap has a much bigger variety to choose from. In contrast with the Condor, this cap doesn’t come with blank spaces for patches. It comes with a front embroidered USA flag and a “Don’t tread on me” patch on the back. Although you can remove them and put the ones you prefer.

Feature List:

  • Fantastic variety of camouflages and colors available
  • Good quality materials
  • One size fits all
  • USA embroidered 2”X3” (front) and 1”X3.75” (back) patches matching the cap’s color
  • Perfect fit if adjusted appropriately
  • Comfortable

While the patches are made in the USA the hat is not. It is actually pretty hard to find one that it is manufactured in the USA these days. Anyways, for the money this cap is a pleasure to use, it is comfortable, good looking and the materials are durable. A great pick if you want a large variety of camouflages to pick from.

3. Under Armour Tactical Cap

Buy On Amazon

I don’t know why but when I look at this cap I always remember the shooting range. Probably because it has that shooting range feel to it, I can’t really tell. Either way, you can also use it for that, or airsoft games and competitions, paintball, outdoor activities and mostly anywhere you need a sturdy cap with patches on the front and back.

Feature List:

  • Very durable materials compared to other tactical caps
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable and pleasant to wear all day.
  • Adjustable back, one size fits all
  • Built-in sweatband
  • Quality cotton 97% and elastane 3%

This is probably the only cap with a patch support that doesn’t look bad if you decide not to apply any patch to it. It has the Under Armour logo on the felt and it looks pretty good.

Since it is mostly made of thick cotton and 3% elastane this is a warm cap. So you can take it with you in colder environments as well. Although if you plan on conquering truly cold environments you might prefer the one below.

4. Condor Tactical Fleece Hat 

Best Tactical Hat FleeceBuy On Amazon

When you need something to keep your head warm and cozy you can’t expect a regular cap like the ones above to do the trick. Your ears might freeze and fall down :). This is why you might be looking for a fleece hat made especially for cold environments.

It is made of polyester integrally and it is a one size fits all. I like that beyond everything this is a simple yet comfortable and good looking hat. Just be sure you always take it with you when you get out in cold environments.

All in all, considering the price, you probably can’t find a better one to fulfill all the criteria in terms of quality and value for the money.

5. Oakley Tactical Cap

Best Tactical Caps Black OakleyBuy On Amazon

I was very pleased with the quality of the materials used on this tactical cap from Oakley. The form factor is nice and it fits comfortably on the head throughout the day. The back of the cap is also quite flexible.

In terms of sizing, I see that it is available in one size only that should probably fit most people, although the lack of an adjustable back makes it pretty hard to fit all people. Ideally would be to measure your head and see whether the following dimensions fit you: 8.3 x 7.5 x 4.3 inches

The patch support on the front has dimensions of 2X3 inches, perfect for most types of patches.

I like that is neither too shallow nor too deep. It is pretty perfect for that matter so it won’t bother your ears. Other than that there is not much to say except that this is a great tactical cap for the money. Definitely, recommend it to those who do not like having an adjustment velcro at the back of the cap. Personally, I like it more this way; the aesthetics are better.

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