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-The Best Tactical Gloves Reviews-

1. Seibertron Special Assault Tactical Gloves

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Seibertron Men’s Black S.o.l.a.g. Special Ops 1/2 Finger Light Assault Gloves Tactical Fingerless Half Finger Gloves

Fingerless gloves

Available sizes: XSmall – XXLarge – the size range seems very wide, but I’ve heard other people complain about the accuracy of their sizing chart, saying that they followed the instructions and the gloves were too small in reality. Now, if you order a size bigger than what the chart tells you, you have a better chance of making them fit using the 2 straps provided. What I have noticed is that women and people with smaller hands seem to be more inclined to like the fit of these gloves.

Available colors: black


– Polyester

– velcro on the back of the hand (if you are in a quiet-requiring environment and you might want to take them off, this could be a disadvantage)

– gel padding for knuckle protection – since these are provided only on the back of the glove, I can’t see why they are trying to promote it as shock proof. Only if you use them for hand to hand combat or something like that.

Weight: 4.6 ounces

These have an advantage over the Mechanix ones because of the warmth factor, which they provide. At a first glance, these ones look very comfortable and easy to throw on, and that is true in reality, but when taking them off you make noise because of the velcro and it takes more time than putting them on. All in all, I like these gloves because of the freedom they give you on the fingers and on the palm. Also, they protect your hands pretty well on the back, and on the palms, they have a good grip, which makes them ideal for sports and any job that requires these features.

Value for money: I think these gloves are perfect for people who don’t want or don’t need to invest in expensive, high-quality gloves. If you don’t use them that often and you want to spend as little as possible, this pair is very well-balanced with the price-performance ratio.

2. Mechanix Tactical Gloves for Airsoft and other sports

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Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam M-Pact

MultiCam – this blends in with the rest of your outfit if you need to wear camouflage

– synthetic leather palm
– XRD – what this technology does is “freezing” when under instant pressure or impact, and staying soft when at rest.
– TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) – used to protect the hand from abrasion injuries and chosen because under low-temperature conditions this material remains flexible and also is resistant to any type of weather and many chemicals.
– the gloves are machine washable

Weight: 4.8 ounces

These gloves are best known for the padding they provide and the materials they used to make them shock-proof. If you are shooting, touching the ground with your palms, carrying heavy objects or any type of activity that produces friction on the palms/hands, this product is more than adequate, but do not expect them to keep you warm. That is not exactly their purpose and they don’t provide it even so.
You might have noticed that the index finger and the thumb of the glove have some kind of a different pattern on the fingertip. What people usually use when doing any sort of activity involving their hands is these two fingers. The extra effort they put into designing the tips is worth it because they increase your dexterity in those frequently used parts of the hand and provide more grip. In my opinion, this is a nice touch to the whole ensemble.

How are the M-Pacts different from the Originals?
– the M-Pacts have a better closure on the wrist which makes them a little less light when they are on and also protects from various impacts or chafing your hands might encounter.
– unlike the Originals, the M-Pacts have more Impact Protection on the back of your hands as well. The Trek Dry breathy material is surpassed by another barrier meant to guard the back of your hand all over. (if you need that extra layer you might want to settle for these)
– if you need more control on your hands and you think dexterity is essential then you might want the Originals, but the M-Pacts offer more padding, as you might have already guessed, this time using the XRD open-cell foam. What this claims to do is reducing fatigue when you are completely involved in your activity, because the material mentioned before absorbs vibrations.

3. 5-11 Tactical Gloves

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For the money, you get a high-quality pair of tactical gloves made by a well-known company that is highly appreciated by lots of happy customers.

They are lightweight and overall very pleasant to wear even for longer periods of time. The palms feature synthetic suede leather for better grips and protection. I found the grip to be very good for holding guns, ranging from airsoft to real ones. I used them mainly for my airsoft competitions but you can use them wherever they suit you best.

I tend to think that the sizes are a little bit smaller than what you would normally expect although I haven’t tried all of them. I would advise you to buy one size bigger, although that highly depends on the form of your hands. For example, the Large size looks like what a Medium size would look like. Again, that is relative.

Overall this is a great pair of tactical gloves for all sorts of appliances. They are affordable, good looking and durable compared to others in this price range. While not perfect they still are a great choice to consider.

4. TitanOPS Tactical Gloves for Airsoft, Motorcycle and other sports

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These are gloves with hard knuckles so they are perfect if the sport/hobby you practice has a high risk of falling or hand injury. In this category might “fall” motorcycling, airsoft games/competitions, shooting, combat training and others.

While they are pretty affordable don’t let that fool you. The materials used are surprisingly high-quality so these should last for years. Speaking of knuckles, they are made of hard molded plastic so nothing special here, the grip is palm-wide so you won’t have to worry about unwanted slips. They are mostly made of microfiber and nylon.

I would say that these are one of the most comfortable tactical gloves in this price range; mostly because of the way all materials have been put together. The inner microfiber feels great to the hand thus making them good for long periods of continuous wearing.

A great advantage of these is that you can wash them in a regular washing machine without losing their properties. That’s a great aspect in the maintenance department.

Other than that, the everyday experience is what makes the difference between a quality product and a pair of gloves that will sit in the drawer. Thankfully these tactical gloves have a stable place in the first category.

5. Vorosy Breathable Adjustable Tactical Gloves for Airsoft and other sports

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One of the most affordable pairs of tactical gloves from our selection, these Vorosy gloves offer a fantastic value for the money.

While it comes in multiple sizes the velcro closing system offers a great freedom in adjusting the gloves to your wrist size. Besides this, the ability to move fingers freely and naturally is a very nice characteristic of the nylon mesh material from which they are made of.

I would not recommend using them in rain or snow because the materials are neither waterproof neither suitable for these kinds of environments. And also don’t expect them to warm your hands up too much because they are made from a single layer of material.

Other features:

  • Lightweight
  • Great for long periods of continuous wearing
  • Breathable materials
  • Comfortable
  • Hard plastic knuckles for protection
  • Fantastic grip

These gloves are perfect for airsoft/paintball competitions and games. Mainly because you can make complex gestures and movements without too much effort. And for the money, you make a great choice.

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