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Whether for airsoft or other purposes, tactical helmets represent very useful pieces of equipment. You really can’t beat the protection and aspect of this tactical accessory. That’s understandable considering how these helmets have been specifically designed to help in combat situations. It’s not surprising to find it a popular option in departments such as law enforcement or the military.

Tactical helmets come in different shapes and designs even if they all try to deliver solid protection against injuries. Finding the best one for your needs will mostly depend on what you plan on using it for. High-quality helmets can really be considered lifesavers so if your activity poses some serious risks, it’s strongly recommended to invest in a more advanced model. If you need this type of helmet just for basic all-around safety and to complete the look of your tactical outfit, then you would be pleased with our selections.

We’ve analyzed the market to help you determine which is the best tactical helmet for your budget and specific need. These models come with different styles and durability levels, but they all have something in common. These tactical helmets deliver great value for the cost. Getting the best head protection for any situation is easy when you choose only from high-quality models from reputable brands. You might also be interested in our articles about the best tactical caps and hats and the best airsoft helmets.

1. Modern Warrior M88 Tactical Helmet

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A highly appreciated tactical helmet is the Modern Warrior M88 which gives off a very realistic combat feel. It’s not a real metal helmet but the ABS plastic replicates well the authentic military sensation. This helmet isn’t intended to provide ballistic protection, but it can serve for many purposes such as Airsoft or paintball games.

This is a reasonably lightweight helmet designed to fit an average-sized head. It’s built out of reliable ABS and it’s available in two color choices – classic black or army green. For an improved fit, the helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap. Those playing competitive games will also like the ability to keep it firmly placed with the help of the head strap. The look of this helmet makes it a suitable piece of gear to complete lots of outfits including Halloween costumes.

The simple design leaves some room for customization as you can easily paint it or add patches. With a wide range of applications and a very practical design, the Modern Warrior M88 represents a winner on the market for tactical helmets. Although it doesn’t provide serious protection, it still works just as expected for what it’s intended to do.

2. Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

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If you’re into paintball and need a quality tactical helmet, take a look at the Raptors Tactical RTV. This model comes in multiple colors offering a solid shell design combined with lightweight construction. To customize your look there are Velcro panels integrated on the surface to add your own patches and nameplates.

The polymer construction feels quite hard to the touch and can offer some protection for Airsoft and paintball. Don’t expect any ballistic abilities though. When it comes to comfort, the helmet is available as a one-size unit only, but the padding inside should fit the majority of people without problems. The chin straps can be handy to ensure a tight fit during intense paintball matches. There’s not a lot of flexibility when it comes to modifying the look, so you can’t get rid of the front attachment for example.

That’s somewhat understandable given the price range. This is more of an entry-level helmet which still offers some decent tactical features such as the rails and Velcro panels. You can mount night vision units, camera systems or communication setups. Overall, it’s safe to say that the Raptors Tactical RTV is worth a shot if you want solid protection on a limited budget.

3. ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Helmet

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While primarily built for Airsoft, the ATAIRSOFT PJ Type is one solid tactical helmet which you can put it to good use for lots of applications such as cycling. An advantage of this model compared to other similar helmets on this market is the addition of a visor with plastic goggles which can be useful to protect your face from Airsoft pellets.

Before you consider purchasing this helmet make sure it is a close match to your head. Due to the hat size of 7.25″, this model will probably pose some trouble for those with bigger heads. While you can’t adjust the inside of the helmet, you can reach a better level of comfort with the help of the chin straps. The glasses don’t come out, but they can be slid up to the back of the helmet.

The side rails provided can be very useful if you plan on adding some accessories. There’s also the option to mount a GoPro camera to record your Airsoft or cycling sessions. Great for tactical activities and decent for other applications, the ATAIRSOFT PJ Type is a powerful competitor on the market for tactical helmets.

4. LOOGU Fast PJ Tactical Helmet

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For those looking for a great piece of tactical gear, the LOOGU Fast PJ might be exactly what you need. This is a tactical helmet combined with a very comfortable face mask. It’s built for a wide range of applications including Airsoft games, climbing, and cycling. The weight of just 1.23lbs facilitates tactical movement.

In terms of durability, this tactical helmet provides a hard polymer which you can count on for a decent level of shock absorbing. It’s not really suitable for military applications, but Airsoft players will probably enjoy it a lot in their friendly matches. The adjustable fit band allows you to find the best level of comfort. This helmet will work best if your head circumference is around 22.4 to 23.5 inches.

The helmet is well ventilated and the impact padding is strategically placed inside. Both the mask and the helmet can be chosen in a solid range of colors and tactical designs. The rails allow the user to place tactical gear such as flashlights or communication systems. Together with the multifunctional Velcro and front base, the LOOGU Fast PJ has excellent tactical potential. Recommended if you need a reliable helmet and mask combo.

5. OneTigris MICH 2000

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OneTigris is a very reputable manufacturer of protective gear designed to keep you safe and comfortable in tactical situations. Their MICH 2000 tactical helmet boasts an advanced operational design with NVG mount and side rail. Together with multiple pieces of soft padding, this helmet looks like a powerful option for Airsoft, paintball, and other outdoor activities.

In the front of this tactical helmet you can add a GoPro camera and for customizing the look of your headgear there are loop panels around the top. Different players can use this tactical helmet with a bit of adjustment work. The chin strap should help in that regard and to boost the comfort you can add extra foam padding inside. This helmet is crafted out of impact-resistant ABS and you can choose from three colors such as Black, Sandy, and OD Green.

There’s a lot of room for customization here. You can add a wide range of compatible items on the tactical rails, but if you don’t need them, they can be easily removed. Built to be as practical and comfortable as possible, the OneTigris MICH 2000 seems like an excellent all-around tactical helmet. It costs a bit more compared to others, but it’s also highly customizable and comfortable.

6. Rothco ABS Mich-2000

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The Rothco ABS Mich-2000 is another capable tactical helmet to consider. While it doesn’t have such a great tactical potential as it lacks mounting abilities, this is a very well constructed unit that focuses on dependable sturdiness in any situation. Some of its highlights are the comfortable padding and adjustable chin strap.

Just by taking a quick look at this helmet you will probably like its realistic look which can suit well any outfit. It has a highly polished design fitting for a wide range of purposes. Those into Airsoft and paintball can definitely take advantage of the protective abilities. The helmet is made of ABS plastic which provides limited protection against heavy impact, but for a piece of Airsoft gear, this could be an ideal choice.

This helmet should fit most adults without issues. To get a better fit you can remove the padding inside though it’s recommended to keep it for enhanced comfort during long-term use. One disadvantage that you need to consider is the lack of ventilation which can become noticeable when wearing this helmet for extended periods of time. It may not have a sweat management system, but all in all, the Rothco ABS Mich-2000 could be considered a very attractive and comfortable tactical helmet at this cost.

7. iMeshbean Multifunctional Tactical Helmet

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Packed with some capable features for a very affordable price, the iMeshbean multifunctional tactical helmet could give you an edge during Airsoft matches. The level of protection it provides works best for Airsoft though cyclists or other outdoor enthusiasts can also benefit from this helmet’s durability.

One feature that makes this a more functional helmet is the integration of two side-mounted rails. These enable users to mount some handy accessories such as flashlights. There’s also a front mount to add your night vision device. Thanks to the addition of goggles, your eyes will also remain protected from Airsoft BB pellets. Comfort-wise, this helmet won’t blow you away, but it comes with decent adjustability features and interior padding.

This tactical helmet is considered ‘one size fits all’ with the ideal head circumference being within 22 and 24 inches. Despite being fairly basic in terms of features, this model will be really appreciated by those on a budget. The iMeshbean tactical helmet is decently built with a strong level of versatility. Once you make the right adjustments, it should feel comfortable on your head.