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Tactical pens represent important pieces of gear that you will never know when they can become handy. Aside from the ability to quickly take notes, these pens offer superior durability. Thanks to a heavy-duty construction and special designs you can rely on a tactical pen for self-defense. It’s usually not realistic to fight off attackers or intruders, but tactical pens can still be useful in certain situations when there’s nothing you can rely upon. If you like the feeling of being prepared no matter what, then you should consider the small investment in a high-quality tactical pen.

While this tool would fit nicely along your other everyday carry gear, making the right decision isn’t easy. The market offers lots of models with different abilities and price tags. If you want to skip the research and get right down to the best tactical pens for the money, perhaps this article could help. We’ve looked at self-defense features as well as important details like body material, size, and weight to select only the most reliable and performant tactical pens. People have distinctive needs as well as different budgets, so we’ve tried to include products suitable for a wide range of users. In any case, this list should be useful for anyone who wishes to get their money’s worth. You might also be interested in our articles about the best g shock watches and the best tactical backpacks.

1. Smith & Wesson SWPENMPBK Tactical Pen

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If you want a great mix of durability and functionality, the Smith & Wesson SWPENMPBK should be among your top choices. Crafted using Aircraft-grade aluminum and using an ingenious self-defense end, this model shouldn’t be underestimated. One important reason that makes this unit dependable is that it comes from a manufacturer with a long tradition in building knives and other tactical self-defense tools.

What’s great about the design of this model is how its sleek all-black design blends with the surroundings. The stealthy look of this pen can definitely add to the feeling of using a piece of tactical gear. If you don’t like the stealthy black design, there are other colors you can choose such as silver, olive, and grey. In terms of shock-resistance, this model won’t disappoint given its strong aluminum construction. You can rely on it for some self-defense purposes.

Thanks to the convenient pocket clip you can carry the pen around more easily. Using this model is a breeze considering the pull-off top that gives you fast access to the writing tip. If the pen runs out of ink it can be easily refilled with a compatible ballpoint cartridge. All in all, the Smith & Wesson SWPENMPBK boasts great functionality and durability for a fair cost. Highly recommended.

2. Pocket Partners Practical Tactical Pen

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Reasonably-priced, discreet, and sporting a quality construction, the Pocket Partners Practical is one solid tactical pen that enables you to be prepared for the unexpected. Its unassuming appearance coupled with the Aircraft-grade aluminum makes this a valuable tool that you can confidently use every day.

While it may not look like it for some people, this pen can be successfully used for self-defense purposes. The construction makes the pen tough enough to stop attackers or intruders in survival situations. Hopefully, you shouldn’t need to test it in a real-life scenario, but it’s always good to be ready for such events. Aside from durability, this tactical pen sports a matte anodized finish which makes for an appealing overall look.

Another aspect worth mentioning is how easy it is to put the pen to good use. This is mostly thanks to the balanced dimensions as the tool doesn’t feel too bulky or unnecessarily long. It’s just the right size to turn it into a dependable EDC tool. Offering a nice mix of elegance and ruggedness, the Pocket Partners Practical is one solid tactical pen in all regards, particularly when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

3. Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen

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Smith & Wesson are known for high-quality standards when it comes to manufacturing all kinds of tactical weapons. While pens aren’t usually the ideal tools to use in a self-defense situation, a tactical model like the SWPENMP2BK can prove incredibly useful in an emergency. Just by taking a quick look at the sturdy design of this pen you can gauge its self-defense potential.

The way this pen has been crafted makes it worthy of the Smith & Wesson name. It’s designed using the same concept from a tactical knife. The metal indentations contribute to a more secure grip and the pen has a nice, comfortable weight to it. The aluminum used is tough enough to use the tool for tactical purposes, but at the same time, it maintains a slim form. When it comes to writing, the pen is smooth and precise.

One highlight of this tactical pen is the pocket clip which has been designed for a secure placement and extra reliability in time. The SWPENMP2BK from Smith & Wesson has great potential in the world of tactical pens. It combines an everyday pen with a serious self-defense weapon. Excellent quality overall.

4. Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen

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A tactical pen that provides a discreet and elegant design is the Schrade SCPENBK. This model relies on CNC machined aluminum and comes with some great design elements to boost its functionality. It has a pocket clip and a very compact size with a screw-off cap. Another nice advantage is the ability to refill it with ease by switching ink cartridges.

The sleek design of this tactical pen received an elegant finish which makes for an attractive look in the office or at home. This is the kind of tool which can perform well and blend in when it’s not currently in use. That can be an advantage when there’s nothing else to use in a self-defense situation. And this tactical pen can deliver some results in that regard as evidenced by its tough aluminum construction and specially-designed end.

Another aspect that deserves some appreciation is the convenient size. With an overall length of just 5.7 inches and a low weight of 1.4 ounces, this tactical pen should work great no matter the circumstance. Writing with this tool is a pleasure considering the simple screw-off top. The pocket clip is firmly integrated into the metal body to support the pen. Overall, the Schrade SCPENBK provides lots of valuable qualities for the cost.

5. Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK Tactical Pen

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The Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK represents a capable pen and stylus combination which can be used for creative expression without compromising on durability. While regular pens are made of plastic or other unreliable materials, this model features Aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand the test of time. It also allows users to work with some extra peace of mind knowing that should the need arise, they will always be prepared to defend themselves.

Using the stylus makes it more convenient to navigate various compatible touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones. When it’s time to use the writing tip, you can quickly unscrew the stylus cap allowing the writing tip underneath to take the spotlight. To prevent losing the cap, it’s recommended to screw it onto the other end of the tool. It’s clear that this is a very functional device, but what about its tactical potential?

You will most likely be pleased with the overall durability and how the ergonomic design allows the user to have a firm grip on the pen. Dependable and useful for lots of applications including outdoor survival and everyday carry, the Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK is a unique tactical pen with stylus combination. It can certainly be considered worth the money for its abilities.

6. Smith & Wesson SWPENBK Tactical Pen

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The SWPENBK is the last Smith & Wesson that deserves a mention on this list of the best tactical pens. It has a more unique designed focused on user-friendliness and seems very promising considering the features-per-cost ratio. As it relies only on premium T6061 aircraft aluminum for its construction, you can count on this tactical pen in any situation.

One great feature of this model is the pocket clip which can please any EDC enthusiast. The screw cap is another reliable ability if you want to prevent accidental loss of the cap. Each pen comes equipped with an ink cartridge that should last you for quite some time. It’s also easier to buy replacements compared to other brands. The construction strikes a good balance between refined black design elements and maintaining a great level of sturdiness.

While this tool will probably not be the most practical weapon to use in a serious self-defense situation, it still has more potential compared to common office items. The strong build quality makes this a reliable option on the market for tactical pens. Considering everything about the Smith & Wesson SWPENBK, the final conclusion is a positive one. Worth a shot for any fan of tactical gear.

7. TakeFlight TF01-BC Tactical Pen

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Although it’s not as well known, the TakeFlight TF01-BC is one tactical pen that could be considered valuable to have in any tactical gear toolbox. The design of this unit appears to be quite eye-catching. It boasts superior strength thanks to its aluminum construction and can have many versatile uses. The tactical features aren’t very impressive, but for this cost, it still represents a competitive option.

When it comes to using this pen as a writing tool you will probably have a satisfying experience. It feels like a premium unit compared to a regular pen. The ergonomic metal design can add a touch of elegance in any office without attracting too much attention. Portability-wise, this model can be easily clipped on your backpack or carried in a pocket. It’s rugged and solid while the cap easily connects to the other end.

There’s not much to complain regarding this tactical pen. It’s less reliable in a self-defense situation compared to other models on this list, but it has many decent features for its price. Just make sure you take good care of it. Taking into account everything, this model can be a nice addition for anyone who wants more than a simple pen.