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Wind meters are helpful tools that can serve a varied range of professional and recreational purposes. These devices are usually called anemometers and they’re designed to capture information about the movement of the wind using a special rotary blade set encased in a handheld unit. Regardless of your reason for considering this product, it’s important to select a high-quality model that offers accurate results.

A solid wind meter should be able to have a sufficiently long range. This is something that can be particularly useful for hunters or other outdoor adventurers. As most wind-measuring devices are portable, you should take a closer look at their battery life to ensure it can match your needs. Another aspect that can play a role is the user-friendliness of the wind meter. Some units can be more intuitively designed with clear displays while others can overwhelm you with complex features.

Handheld anemometers can range widely in terms of cost and overall features. This is why we’ve created a list that can help both professionals who need a dependable model, as well as regular users who simply need a basic unit to figure out the speed of the wind. In this article, you will find the best products currently available. Whether you’re on a budget or have high demands, the following list should offer you the best value for the money. You might also be interested in our articles about the best range finders and the best g shock watches.


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The Holdpeak 866B represents a simple and affordable solution for wind speed measurement. This is a multifunctional anemometer that delivers fairly accurate results which are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display. It’s also packed with other helpful functions as its internal memory can record data such as Max/Min/Average/Current wind speed.

Whether you need a wind meter for windsurfing, hiking, or fishing, this tool has you covered. It’s accurate up to 0.1 digits and can also measure other aspects such as wind chill. You can get your results in multiple units including m/s, km/h, and mph. Some capable features are the built-in temperature regulator and a convenient memorization function to store relevant wind speed measurements. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge the battery as the screen offers a low-power indicator.

In terms of accessories, this anemometer comes with a protective case, two batteries, and a lanyard. Considering the accuracy of the tool and the solid all-around construction, the Holdpeak 866B is definitely one of the best models wind meters out there. It doesn’t have too many advanced features, but for basic measurements, this works just as expected.

2. Proster TL0017

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One compact and highly performant wind meter is the Proster TL0017. This brightly colored unit can provide measurements for both wind speed and temperature on a convenient backlit LCD screen. The anemometer can hold data, power off automatically, and its precise pressure sensor should cover all your needs.

With the help of its 6-blade fan wheel, this tool can deliver fairly accurate wind speed measurements. Results are displayed on the bright display which also shows you the remaining battery capacity. The data hold function could be useful for recalling some relevant information at a later time. When it comes to the wind speed range you can expect the tool to measure up to 30m/s. The temperature sensor can make measurements within 14 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Different speed units are also available if you don’t like m/s.

Inside the package for this wind meter, you’ll be greeted by a battery and lanyard. There’s also a handy storage case to use the tool in your outdoor expeditions with more confidence. It should be able to provide some decent protection against most impacts and rain, but the meter is still vulnerable to water submersion. A handy gadget to have in many situations, the Proster TL0017 deserves some more credit on the market for wind meters considering the overall functionality and affordability.

3. Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter

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If you’re not satisfied with a basic wind meter, perhaps a more advanced unit like the Kestrel 3000 would be a better choice. This is an exceptionally accurate anemometer with a rugged handheld design that boasts an IP67 waterproof rating and military-approved dropping resistance. It’s capable of making more complex measurements compared to lower-priced models.

The wind meter has other abilities aside from accurately measuring the wind speed. A heat index meter is incorporated and the tool can also figure out the relative humidity and dewpoint temperature. This is the kind of tool that’s better suited for more heavy-duty outdoor demands. That’s why the construction received some nice reinforcements while maintaining a compact footprint. The tool is recommended for a wide range of applications including storm chasing, hunting, and crop harvesting, to name a few.

This wind meter has many benefits for users who prefer carrying a single tool to accomplish multiple purposes. As it’s so versatile and performant, the Kestrel 3000 represents an essential pocket anemometer to consider. This is clearly built to last and to deliver accurate results. When factoring in the overall quality, the extra cost becomes easily justified. If you need a reliable tool for in-field use, this model is a solid investment.

4. Ambient Weather WM-2

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A great tool for many outdoor enthusiasts, the Ambient Weather WM-2 wind meter has a versatile LCD screen and a compact design. This tool can be used to calculate multiple wind variables such as average speeds, wind chill and gust. The portable construction also benefits from some durability enhancements.

The wind meter can be used by a wide range of people including plane pilots and hikers. With the help of this flexible tool, you can figure out the temperature and wind chill aside from just wind speed. Multiple measurement units are available to suit your preference. When it gets dark, the display’s backlighting should make it comfortable to check the results. This is a highly portable anemometer which is designed for handheld use. Even so, you can mount the device on a tripod that’s purchased separately.

Another extra accessory that you can get for this model is a carry case. It would have been better to have one included in the package, but at this cost that’s already asking for too much. The Ambient Weather WM-2 has great potential on the market for portable wind meters. It’s fairly rugged and easy to use without compromising on overall functionality. When you also add the inexpensive price tag the result is clear – this a very cost-effective tool.

5. Proster CFM Wind Meter

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Anyone who wants a reliable anemometer should take a look at the Proster CFM. This wind meter offers complex functionality which can be helpful in the hands of many fans of outdoor sports such as windsurfing. Powered by an included battery and with an intuitive large screen, this device looks capable enough to handle more than just some basic wind measurements.

The wind meter displays measurements in various units such as meters per second or miles per hour. Some of the most convenient settings to choose from are the flow area and max/min functions. The screen is quite easy to read and provides a low battery indicator. When facing low-light conditions, backlighting becomes very useful. Another handy ergonomic detail is the rubber cover which boosts the durability and grip of the tool.

To make it more convenient to use, the wind meter has a protective case which facilitates the transport. The battery can be drained pretty fast if you use the tool very regularly. Thankfully, there’s an Auto Power Off function that can conserve some energy. Great anemometer for the cost, the Proster CFM provides all the necessary features for accurate airflow measurements in a compact and practical design.

6. Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter

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The Kestrel 2000 is another pocket wind meter that seems promising on the market for anemometers. It offers fewer measurement options compared to the more advanced 3000 model, but it promises the same level of accuracy, quality, and overall durability. If you can live without relative humidity or heat stress index measurements, this device could be worth a shot.

This is a highly accurate wind meter that conveniently fits in your pocket. Measurements can be viewed at a simple glance on the high-contrast LCD screen. It shows you the minimum, maximum, and average wind speeds in different units including knots, kilometers per hour, and meters per second. As a bonus, this tool can also offer you data regarding wind chill, air and water temperature.

One nice detail of this device is the exterior placement of the temperature sensor to ensure accurate readings unaffected by your body’s heat. This wind meter is built in the USA and the construction quality is evidently superior to low-cost models that flood the market. To keep it in good working shape for longer, Kestrel includes a protective cover and a handy lanyard. Easy to operate and built with quality in mind, the 2000 anemometer unit is a promising tool for the money.

7. SkyMate WeatherHawk SM-18

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Wind meters need to be portable and intuitive to use. The SkyMate WeatherHawk SM-18 is a great model that offers these features as well as many other interesting abilities for a reasonable cost. This anemometer comes with a pocketknife-style case which protects the internal components from impacts and water damage. It also helps to keep the tool more portable.

Both professional and casual users can take advantage of the powerful feature of this wind meter. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or work in the agriculture industry, this is the kind of versatile tool that offers measurements you can trust. The accuracy of this model of up to 3% is very solid and the maximum range of measurement extends to 99 mph.

With the help of this anemometer, you can capture more than the current speed as it also records the average and maximum wind speed over different time intervals. The data lock feature is always nice to have and this model also features a capable auto-shutoff function. Other aspects to keep in mind are the user-replaceable battery and convenient tripod mounting potential. The SkyMate WeatherHawk SM-18 is an excellent wind meter in all regards.

8. Docooler Mastech MS6252A

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In case you need a powerful digital anemometer at a balanced cost, the Docooler Mastech MS6252A could be a suitable option. It features a large LCD display and can take various measurements including for humidity and air volume, among others. Some extra abilities that can prove useful are the low battery indicator and different unit options.

Data holding is a key feature of this tool as it enables you to set area dimensions and keep them ready for the next measurement. The instrument is quite rugged in terms of build quality, especially considering the rubber side reinforcements designed to prevent slipping. To protect the tool even further when you’re traveling you should place it in the dedicated bag.

What’s great about this anemometer is how it can be used for various sports like sailing, hiking, and so on. At the same time, you can use it for home purposes too. For example, you can measure the wind speed of the fans of your PC or air blower. Well-built and easy to operate, the Docooler Mastech MS6252A is a capable anemometer that you shouldn’t miss if you need a versatile and accurate tool.